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The viral Hollywood celebrity that we will talk about is Stacy Keibler, but she is not exactly a celebrity. She has not been working in any movie or other television series, but she is a professional wrestler. She is retired now, but she was one of the best wrestlers in the female category during a wrestling career. Apart from this, she has also been an actress, dancer, and a fantastic role model for many people worldwide. Specifically, she was an active part of world championship wrestling and world wrestling entertainment during her career. She was born on October 14, 1979, and she is named one of the best female wrestlers worldwide.

Talking about the beginning of her career, she was not actively a wrestler herself. In the initial stages, she became a professional wrestler and part of the nitro girls’ prevalent wrestling group and started wrestling in WCW. However, she was very prominent and, therefore, a professional role for managing some famous wrestling celebrities. She spent a lot of her career managing Miss Hancock. It was the time when she was managing this famous wrestler when WCW became a part of the WWF in 2001. While managing Miss Hancock, she also manages the invasion storyline. Later on, she started to manage Dudley boys. Also, their relationship with the very popular wrestler David flair is a famous story in the history of wrestling, and she also got pregnant while dating this famous wrestler.

The exciting thing you need to know about this famous wrestler of the WWE is that she has very long and sexy legs. Sometimes, people called her the sex symbol of WWF because she had lovely legs. According to the reports, she was open, considered the legs of WCW and the legs of WWE. She was also a table dancer in the wrestling career, and while she was a dancer, she was given the title of the weapon of mass seduction. 

More about Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler Was not the full name of this trendy Hollywood actor and wrestler, but her full name was Stacy Anne-Marie Keibler. However, while beginning her career as a wrestler, she decided to shorten her name. Therefore, she is very well known and prominent in the wrestling industry as Stacy Keibler. She was born on October 14, 1979, and her birthplace is Rosedale, Maryland. Her mother’s name is Patricia, and her father’s name is Gary Keibler. At a very early age, she started to take dances classes, and therefore, she also took a bath at the Jean Kettell dance studio. It was a significant event in the life of Stacy Keibler, and she completed her early schooling at the Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer School, which was located in the Rosedale itself.

In 1990, Stacy Keibler got the opportunity to appear in the competition for Miss Maryland pre-teen. She became the winner of the title and appeared for the national Miss pre-teen ground. She also attended the catholic high school of Baltimore, which was just a school for girls. After completing her studies at the school, she attended Towson University, and she studied Mass communication from this university. Even though she did not get a lot of prominent roles in different movies, she appeared in some of the movies like liberty Heights with some minor roles. Also, she had received offers from some of the most prominent modelling jobs, and she also became a cheerleader for the Baltimore Raven football.

Wrestling professional career

Stacy Keibler Was very fond of watching wrestling matches with her boyfriend in 1997. If you see the episode of nitro in 1997, you will see Stacy Keibler sitting in the people and watching the match. Also, she was dancing for the NAWO, and it was in September 1997, she got to know about the WCW contest. It was a contest held by the WCW organisation to boost up the audience for the matches. The contest was held to pick up some girls for the Nitro Girls dance troupe.

Therefore, 300 women participated in the contest, and the results were declared according to the polls on World championship wrestling. There were eight finalists in the competition, and Stacy Keibler became one of the final contenders for the crown. She won the Nitro girls championship and got a $10,000 cash prize. In addition, she got 4.4 million polls and became a dancer for routine week shows of the WCW flagship show Monday Nitro.

Her career in the WCW was not short but very prominent. Later on, after becoming a part of the Baltimore team for cheering, she also got a more significant role. She entered the stage using Miss Hancock’s name, and she appeared in different wrestling matches. She had a perfect height, and therefore, she was associated with the standards and practices team. Even though she wore business suits during her shows, she was able to stand up on the announcement table and dance sensually. Sometimes, her fans were appraised a lot because of her incredible looks and height. She was the only woman during that time that was able To stand between the three ropes of the WCW championship stage.

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Body measurements

Weight: 130 lbs (59)

Height: 5’11”

Bra size: 32C

Shoe size: 9 US

Body measurements: 35-22-35 in or (89-56-89 cm)

Other critical details of the actress

Date of Birth: October 14, 1979

Age: 41 years 

Nationality: American

Horoscope: Libra

Spouse/Boyfriend: David Flair (1999-2000), Andrew “Test” Martin (2000-2002), Geoff Stults (2005-2010), Jamie Foxx (2008), Kevin Connolly (2010), Chris Evans (2011), Jared Pobre (2013-Present)

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: light brown

Net worth

Stacy Keibler Has led a very successful career in wrestling. She was born in 1979, which makes her 43 years old today. Her height is 5’10”, and her beauty routine is not much attractive. However, she is a very fit and refined woman and stays on the top of the list of prominent women in wrestling history. According to her work and everything she has done in the industry, she has a net worth of US$25 million today.

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