Steve Harvey has how many biological kids ‘Family Feud’ hosts uncomfortable seeing daughter Lori and Michael B Jordan

Steve Harvey was upset when he saw a picture of his daughter Lori and her boyfriend Michael B Jordan. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host of Family Feud said that Black Panther spent his second Christmas with the Harvey family. Harvey felt “uncomfortable” when he saw a picture of his daughter sitting on Jordan’s lap.

Steve Harvey said that his future son-in-law was a great “gift-giver” who gave his family great Christmas presents: That lad delivered. He is trying to win them over. He got me a 100-pack of rare cigars as a parent. He gave me $100 in a big envelope. Jordan also gave skis to his wife:

My wife got skis as a gift

 You only give your possible future mother-in-law skis if you want her.” Harvey also said that the Creed star is a “nice person” who comes from a “wonderful family,” but he joked that he is keeping an eye on him: _____I, too, was watching him. I can’t beat him, but I’ll kill him if he turns around. Before, the comedian was happy for his daughter and about the relationship. Steve Harvey is happy to have seven kids. There are three stepchildren and four children of their own.

About Steve Harvey, in general

Three times, Steve Harvey got married. He married Marcia Harvey in 1981, and they have three children: twin girls named Brandi and Karli and a son named Broderick Harvey Jr. The TV host married Mary Shackelford in 1996 after getting a divorce in 1994. After having Wynton in 1997, they split up in 2005.

In 2007, Harvey married Marjorie Harvey, whose maiden name was Bridges. Even though he didn’t have any children, the Emmy winner took Morgan, Lori, and Jason in as his own. The oldest daughter of Harvey, Brandi, is a successful businesswoman and activist. She started Beyond Her, a website for women about fitness, health, and the good life. The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation’s Chief Change Maker and Executive Director. He is 39 years old.

Brandi, who wrote Breakthrough Sold Separately, is the host of Beyond Her. Karli, her twin sister, is a public speaker and a mentor for the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation. Ben “BJ” Raymond II is her 5-year-old son with Ben Raymond. In “Twin Talk” Instagram videos, Brandi and Karli give each other life advice.

Broderick Harvey Jr., who is 30 years old, works for the Steve and Majorie Harvey Foundation. He owns the clothing shop Need Money Not Friends and the business B. Harvey Photography Inc. Wynton Harvey, his fourth child, is an artist and photographer with a lot of potential. The 24-year-old man sells his paintings and photos on Instagram and Rarible. Morgan, Lori, and Jason, who were given to Harvey as children, also do well.

Jason, her brother, is a rich businessman. Yuvraj is his high-end shoe company for women. His wife, Amanda Harvey, has four kids: Ezra, Noah, Rose, and Joey. Lori Harvey is the youngest of the Harvey family. She is a fashion and entertainment star. She was in Vogue. She is dating actor Michael B. Jordan, and she was rumoured to be dating singer Trey Songz and rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs “Justus Combs.

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