Stunning Wonderful Watches from Audemars Piguet Collection

Audemars Piguet watch collection does not limit only to Code 11.59, Royal Oak, Royal Oak Offshore, Royal Oak Concept, [Re]master01, and Millenary. Aside from the mentioned ranges, there are also exceptional and extravagant Jules Audemars, Haute Joaillerie, and Classique collections.

The Jules Audemars collection attaches importance to one of the manufacturer’s two forefathers, who was a pioneer in the field of complications. The Haute Joaillerie collection, on the other hand, challenges conventional views of gem-set watches by conveying unique high-jewelry artworks that combine elegance and authority. Lastly, the Classique Collection consists of pocket watches that embody Audemars Piguet’s time-honored greatness and have graced the company’s legacy for over a century.

Jules Audemars Extra-Thin

The Jules Audemars Extra-Thin ref 15180OR.OO.A088CR.01 comes in a 41mm 18-carat pink gold case with glare-proof sapphire crystal and case back. It is also characterized with a hand-stitched “large square scale” brown alligator strap with 18-carat pink gold pin buckle, silver-toned dial with pink gold applied hour-markers and hands, and 20m water resistance. This Audemars Piguet watch is supported by a self-winding mechanism with a 40h power reserve and hours and minutes functions.

Jules Audemars Small Seconds

The Jules Audemars Small Seconds ref 79386OR.OO.1229OR.01 comes in a 27mm 18-carat pink gold case with glare-proof sapphire crystal and case back. A silver-toned dial with “Côtes de Genève” decorative pattern, and pink gold applied Roman numerals and hands. It sports an 18-carat pink gold bracelet with AP gold folding clasp along with a 20m water resistance. It is supported by a hand-wound mechanism with functions on hours, minutes, and small seconds, and has a 48h power reserve.

Jules Audemars Grande Complication

The Jules Audemars Grande Complication ref 25866OR.OO.D002CR.01 comes in a 42mm 18-carat pink gold case. It also features a sapphire crystal and case back, hand-stitched “large square scale” black alligator strap with 18-carat pink gold AP folding clasp, and white classic dial with blackened gold hands and pink gold applied hour-markers. It is operated by a self-winding mechanism with a week indicator, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, hours, minutes, split-seconds chronograph, and a 45-hour power reserve.

Jules Audemars Chronometer With AP Escapement

The Jules Audemars Chronometer With Audemars Piguet Escapement ref 26153PT.OO.D028CR.01 comes in a 46mm 950 platinum case. This watch also features a glare-proof sapphire crystal and case back, white enamel dial with blued hands, black printed Roman numerals, and white gold small seconds counter. It has a hand-stitched “large square scale” blue alligator strap with 950 platinum ap folding clasp, and 20m water resistance. It is powered by a hand-wound mechanism with functions including a chronometer with AP escapement, power-reserve indication, hours, minutes, and small seconds.

Haute Joaillerie Sapphire Orbe

This one-of-a-kind piece is named after the river that runs through Le Brassus, where Audemars Piguet was founded. It is mostly set with graded orange and blue sapphires. The Sapphire Orbe ref 67705BC.ZS.9192BC.01 comes in a 47.2mm 18-carat white gold case. Its sphere shape is entirely set with glare-proof sapphire crystal, dark blue, graded blue, and orange sapphires, and is surrounded by 18-carat white gold rings set with diamonds. It also has an 18-carat white gold dial with white gold hands and graded orange sapphires. Lastly, its bracelet is made of 18-carat white gold elements compiled by hand and set with a jewelry-type clasp and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk

This Haute Joaillerie cuff watch combines punk-era enthusiasm and a melodic motif of pyramid studs, breaking usual boundaries and establishing new design codes. The Haute Joaillerie Diamond Punk ref 79418BC.ZZ.9188BC.01 comes in a 40mm 18-carat white gold case. It also features a glare-proof sapphire crystal, 18-carat white gold dial with blued gold hands, and an 18-carat white gold bracelet with snow-set.

Haute Joaillerie Diamond Fury

The contemporary design is carried over to these two new concepts, which combine Haute Joaillerie and watchmaking while staging a meeting of glitz and rock. The Haute Joaillerie Diamond Fury ref 79421BC.ZO.9191BC.01 features a 40mm 18-carat white gold case set entirely with glare-proofed sapphire crystal and onyx elements. It also features a diamond-paved 18-carat white gold dial with blackened gold hands, and an 18-carat white gold bracelet set entirely with diamonds and onyx elements.

Classique Lépine

Audemars Piguet’s time-honored excellence is exemplified by pocket-watches, which have graced the company’s heritage for over a century. The Classique Lépine ref 25701OR.OO.000XX.03 comes in a 52mm 18-carat pink gold case with sapphire crystal. It also has a black dial with white gold hands, white printed counters, pink gold applied hour markers, and hours and minutes hands.

Classique Pocket-Watch

The Classique Pocket-Watch ref 25712BA.OO.0000XX.01 comes in a 59mm 18-carat yellow gold hunting watch case. It also features a sapphire crystal, white enameled dial, blued steel hands, and black printed Roman numerals and counters. The Grande has complications such as hours, minutes, small seconds, split-seconds chronograph, minute repeater, and the perpetual calendar has a power reserve of 30 hours.

Final Thoughts

Each watch comes with a case that combines relaxation and refined aesthetic appeal. These watches are one-of-a-kind and difficult to find as both elegant and extraordinary in their own right. The unwavering art of gem-setting elevates these timepieces to a new level.

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