Suicide of Carol Butt alias Karol Butt: Missing Husband Michael Butt

According to old police records, the inquiry was initiated when 36-year-old Carol Butt died of a gunshot wound to the mouth. When the body of the lady was found, the authorities immediately started their investigation. The woman’s system included Valium, a drug quite similar to a muscle relaxant, according to the report that was generated after her death. It was determined that the individual’s blood-alcohol level was 0.08 per cent, which indicates that she was drunk. The police had identified a few suspects and thought she was isolated from the rest of the town when she was attacked and murdered in her home.

Carol Butt or Karol Butt Suicide Case

It is not immediately clear who is to blame for her death. After a few days of investigation, the authorities had a possible source in mind for the murder of Michael Butt, Carol’s husband. After he told the official more and more lies, the police officers started to have doubts about him. As a result of all that happened, Michael was charged with sexual violence and ordered to appear in court in Jackson County on Monday.

According to the sources, he was accused of sexual assault when he stroked one of his patients, who was a teenage boy. This incident allegedly occurred while he was treating the patient. At this point, further details about the murder of Carol Butt would be made public. According to the reports, Carol Butt, also known as Karol Butt, was 36 years old when she was brutally murdered in the month of February before decades. There was no evidence to suggest that Carol’s death was the result of murder, suicide, or any other reason.

Since no solid evidence has been found, her husband has not been charged with her murder and cannot be prosecuted now. Because there was no evidence to support the accusations, the police decided not to press any charges against him.

Michael Butt, her husband, has yet to return

On the other hand, Carol’s friend went on to explain that she was disappointed and that maybe her death was not unexpected for them. She said these things after saying that Carol had committed herself. Michael Butt, Carol’s husband, admitted that the situation was guilty when he was asked about it. Carol’s significant other and their two girls haven’t been seen for a long time, and now a few traits are emerging as people need to know where they are.

Carol and Michael had three kids together, and as a result, the entire family was forced to suffer through some revolting charges that Michael had killed his wife. The hearings were postponed, and the judge ruled that the case in question was an instance of ego. He and his family have been gone for a long time, and there are no reports or data to suggest where they may be. There isn’t a whole lot of information that can be found on the case.

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