Surprising Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Some activities in the workplace require you to move around and do tasks, and this is a great way to spend the better part of a workday instead of being stuck behind your desk all day. If, however, your job requires you to be slumped over your desk most of the time, maybe it is time to start thinking about making a change. Standing desks exist to counter the adverse effects of sitting down for long periods, and bring several health benefits to its user.

The Standing Desk has been available for several years, and they are becoming more common as individuals recognise the advantages of a standing desk for the body. The use of standing desks is being discussed by a growing number of businesses, employers, and staff members.

How can this help with obesity and weight gain?

Weight gain is caused by eating foods with more calories, such as full-fat yoghurt, cheese, eggs, whole milk, beans, salmon or other oily fish, pork chicken, red meats, and many to mention. Although exercise is the most efficient way to lose calories rapidly, it can also help to stand instead of sitting simply.

 Sitting for too long can affect the body’s ability to digest fat and control blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. You also stretch out muscles and be considered muscle activities, which may justify why more standing desks have been seen in the office.

 You can decrease the risk of weight gain by burning about fifty additional calories an hour by standing instead of sitting.

Can this lower your risk of heart disease and lower your blood sugar?

It is so risky that even an hour of vigorous exercise does not compensate for the detrimental effects of a whole day spent sitting. Although a rise in blood sugar levels is predicted after a meal, an increase in blood sugar has also been associated with a general sense of poor nutrition. When you use aStanding Desk, no extra work is needed, and you can minimise your risk of diabetes and blood sugar spikes. 

Are standing desks built to minimise back pain?

Back pain is what 80% of people will feel during their lives. One of the most significant concerns of office employees who sit every day is back pain. A standing desk will help strengthen your posture and relieve the pressure from your lower back and neck. Some individuals find it easier to focus if they can shift and move their weight from side to side while taking phone calls or typing.

How do standing desks help improve mood and energy levels?   

Standing desks tend to have a beneficial impact on general well-being. Standing desks can minimise stress and exhaustion sensations while enhancing levels of energy and mood. Tiny changes during the day will lower your level of anxiety and stress. From the increased energy levels and mood, you can soon start to see the effects of higher success.


Reducing the amount of sitting time will physically and psychologically benefit the human body. As mentioned above, adjustable standing desks have quite a few advantages, such as good mental well-being, weight loss, relaxation, and pain relief. Consider these advantages before investing into standing desks for office environments. Take a look at a few models of standing desks and select the one that works best for you.

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