Tanner Fox allegedly backs out of fight against Ryland Storms due to a weight issue, Details discussed

Due to a weight difference, Tanner Fox has allegedly pulled out of his June 12 bout with Ryland Storms. Ryland Storms uploaded a video on YouTube on June 11 in which he and other TikTok stars, including Bryce Hall, criticized Fox for pulling out of the bout. A tweet from YouTube Boxing_ claims that Tanner Fox issued a statement stating the bout was called off because of a weight discrepancy. Fox says that even though he and his opponent had class differences of 18 pounds, he did not attempt to reduce his body mass.

The Tanner Fox vs, Ryland Storms Showdown

TikTokers vs. YouTubers was supposed to include a battle between Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms. A showdown between TikTok’s Bryce Hall and The Ace Family’s Austin McBroom, two of the biggest personalities on both platforms, will headline the championship card. The main card kicked off with Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms. Tanner Fox is a YouTuber who has worked with Jake Paul, FaZe Rug, and FouseyTube since he started in 2011. TikTok sensation Ryland Storms has connections to the likes of Nick Austin and Charli D’Amelio.

Ryland Storms released a YouTube video on the 11th of June, detailing the buildup to the June 12th major event. Storms said in the video that he and Fox “He has to gain 10 pounds to reach his goal of 135, but he’s only 130 right now. Ryland Storms revealed the contents of a text message from Tanner Fox that he had received on his phone: “They need to protect their brains by donning helmets. He believed YouTubers were the tough ones, Bryce said as the camera went to him. There has been no reaction from Tanner Fox to the video yet. Many Twitter users are now wondering whether the battle will continue with a new leader to replace Fox.

Did Tanner Fox back out?

Tanner did not back down from the battle. Therefore that’s out of the question. He and Ryland’s bout was called off due to their size discrepancy. Tanner finally spoke up after getting widespread criticism for deciding to postpone the bout. Tanner said he was a “light” arrival, whereas Ryland was a “heavy.” There was a weight disparity of 20 pounds between the two. Tanner told his social media followers that the commission wouldn’t tolerate any more than a nine-pound disparity between him and his partner. Tanner pushed to have the bout happen despite the obvious size disparity. But the commission has barred him from fighting Ryland.

Do You Think Ryland Storms Will Battle At The Event?

Ryland will be sitting this one out and not competing. He had shared his story on Twitter. Although he confessed he wanted to fight, Ryland couldn’t put his finger on why Tanner had backed down. And then Tanner finally spoke out, criticizing Ryland for just offering the side of the story he wanted to present. While doing so, he told his supporters that he couldn’t join the battle because of circumstances beyond his control.

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