Tayler Holder arrest allegations debunked as LA County documents go viral, Details discussed

Tayler Holder is not being investigated or prosecuted for anything. Fans were left perplexed by Keemstar’s drama warning and the widely shared forgeries of LA County records. Taylor has been thrust into the public eye ever since a number of influential social media users decided to unfollow him. Although several of his acquaintances have come forward, none have provided a complete account of the unfolding drama or explained their reasons for coming out at this time. The most recent fake report regarding his imprisonment does not appear to have provided any clarification; rather, it appears to have further increased speculation around the TikTok affair.

Tayler Holder is not arrested

When Keemstar published a new episode of the Drama Alert web series, rumours began to circulate about the possible arrest of Tayler. Below the image was a caption that said, “He got ARRESTED!” Because Tayler Holder assures me I am completely up to date on everything. There is no need to thank KSI, Jake Paul! Pitting MrBeast versus PewDiepie. A person who goes under the name Charlyforevrr online published pictures of what seemed to be falsified LA County arrest paperwork and claimed that Tayler had been brought into custody simultaneously.

They said that they were able to discover Tayler’s report on the website for LA County. At least according to the information provided by Def Noodles, a New York woman by the name of Tayler Holder has been reported as being missing. True Tayler Holder is a guy that hails from the state of Texas. In the meanwhile, Tayler recently posted an Instagram story. This is more evidence that the rumours are untrue. In contrast to what Keemstar asserts in his video, King Cid, not Tayler, was the social media star who was arrested and sent to jail.

Subscribers Who Left Tayler Holder

According to Dexerto, influential people such as Loren Gray, Bryce Hall, and Daisy Keech have stopped following him on social media. Among these individuals is Dexerto. Charly Jordan, who used to be Tayler’s girlfriend, has joined them in doing this. Because of this, many people started speculating that there was some secret drama with TikTok that nobody was talking about.

Social media star on BFFS podcast

Tayler spoke on the BFFS Podcast to discuss the many issues that have been bothering fans since he unfollowed them recently and to clarify his decision to stop following them. He played down the seriousness of the situation. He said it was not a mystery to us; we know how the web functions. People in today’s society constantly participate in the cancel culture, characterized by frequent communication breakdowns brought on by unwelcome interruptions. It is preferable to continue to deal with many aspects of life offline for the time being. In addition, he stated, “I believe rushing to the internet with every little problem you have is it could be handled very differently,” which appeared to indicate that he would not be addressing what has been taken on recently.

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