Technical Support Specialist Job Description: Duties, Salary and Facts

Did you know that 94% of large businesses in the United States have a cybersecurity policy? Because of the growing technology in the world, these policies are essential. However, without a technical support specialist, these policies would be non-existent.

Read on to find out about a technical support specialist job description and see if it is the right career for you.

Technical Support Specialist Job Description

The technical support specialist job description involves working with an organization to uphold computer systems. You do this by maintaining and proving assistance to those who need it.

Technical support work includes configuring, installing, and updating hardware and software. A technical support specialist will also need to know how to fix equipment-related issues. These problems tend to come up daily.

There are a lot of reasons why you should outsource technical support as a growing company. For one, these customer service specialists provide assistance and support to the company or their customers. This work can be done off or on-site.

Customer complaints may be a part of a specialist’s expertise. You could be handling specific phone calls or tending to many requests.

Many companies employ a technical support specialist if they use special hardware or software. An IT team is usually made up of these specialists depending on how big the company is.

Many financial companies aim to hire these specialists. A specialist is necessary because the use of technology is extremely essential.

Primary Responsibilities

After understanding the technical support specialist job description, you should know that specialists can have expertise in one area or multiple. However, there are common tasks that these customer service specialist can handle:

  • Installing new technology
  • Providing regular maintenance
  • Providing assistance to staff and customers
  • Troubleshooting applications and systems
  • Replacing old parts
  • Writing hardware and software reports
  • Implementing new applications
  • Setting up profiles and employee passes
  • Running security checks
  • Conducting safety tests

Daily, these specialists may receive hundreds of phone calls. During those calls, they double as customer service to help staff and clients with their technological issues.

Every day they need to check the status of systems, install any new systems, run reports, replace anything malfunctioning, and troubleshooting software. They will also learn about updates and new technologies to explain to the company they work for.


On average, a technical support specialist will make over $70,000 a year. Compared to the rest of the country, this is a high average. As an entry-level specialist, you will start by making $45,000. As you grow with experience, you could end up making $120,000 or more.

Land a Job as a Technical Support Specialist

Understanding the technical support specialist job description is the first step to landing your dream job in the field. The primary responsibilities that come with being a tech specialist include helping those who need your knowledge.

Companies are ready more than ever to hire technical support specialists.

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