The 5 most expensive video games to develop in history

Creating a AAA game can cost anywhere from $ 15 million to $ 60 million, which is no joke. We have designed a list for you with the 5 most expensive video games in history, which exceeded 60 million in expenses. Are you surprised by the titles?

We already know that you know that video games are quite expensive entertainment products to develop. Not only is it because you have to hire experienced professionals to create AAA or Triple A games, but you also have to have the technology (hardware and software) necessary to develop them, which is not cheap.

We propose you a ranking with the 5 most expensive games in history, ordered from cheapest (even if it has nothing cheap) to most expensive. As we have already mentioned, development spending is seldom official, so it is always approximate data.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV – Rockstar Games – $ 100 million

It’s no wonder that one of Rockstar’s best games is one of the most expensive and successful ever. This AAA title was the first in the series to reach the new generation of consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) that offered a great qualitative leap with the introduction of high-definition textures. According to the Independent, the study never confirmed the total amount of money spent on the title (marketing, distribution …) but we are sure that, to do so, to those 100 million dollars we would have to add another good and thick figure millionaire.

4. Max Payne 3 – Rockstar Games – $ 105 million

Another Rockstar title that, although not as successful as its GTA saga, managed to conquer gamers with its good story and gameplay. The creators wanted to create such a realistic and believable experience that they even sent their team to investigate the city of Sao Paulo. Now Loading confirms that its development cost Rockstar $ 105 million.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5 – Rockstar Games – $ 137 million

It turns out that the $ 137 million that Rockstar spent on the development of the title is not the only figure we can offer you. As they point out from Now Loading, the study struck 265 million dollars in total, as its great marketing and distribution campaign required it. GTA 5 is, for almost everyone who has played the title, the best of the series. This is because, or so we think, the careful development and localization of the game resulted in stunning graphics, a devilishly entertaining story, massive mapping, and unrivaled missions. Not surprisingly, the title topped $ 800 million on its first day of sales. Of course, such a figure is to piss and not drop!

2. Destiny – Bungie – $ 140 million

Bungie’s spectacular shooter was also making its way to the very new batch of home consoles that we still enjoy today. Its release on PS4 and Xbox One was a revolution in the shooter’s scene because although its story was nothing to write home about, its graphics, cooperative modes, and gameplay possibilities were quite new. Destiny was not an easy delivery, since, in its conception, several technical difficulties arose that delayed its departure and raised the cost of its production. However, the guys at Bungie did not give up and finally gave birth to a title so superb that it has even conquered the shelves of the shooter genre’s detractors.

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic – BioWare – $ 200 million

It would not surprise us in the least if the figure of 200 million dollars that Civilized confirms falls very short of having the total cost data for this ambitious MMORPG. You know, and so do we, that all the products related to the Star Wars saga beat it and, BioWare (in conjunction with EA) knew that they could not disappoint with the title or it would be a failure. The Old Republic had to be a game that offered enough spatial credibility to conquer the players, so it was not enough to create a universe, it was necessary to create an entire galaxy. This involved a high production cost since the time, personnel, and technology invested were simply enormous. Still, it’s a well-received title that still enjoys the public’s approval, which, after $ 200 million spent, is a blast.

These 5 titles that we have presented have had a budget as high or higher than a Hollywood blockbuster, so no one can say that the video game industry is not a feasible and good industry for the world economy. The very high budgets for these 5 great games will not be so in a few years since the titles of the future will entail a much greater expense because they are graphically and technically much more complex games. Hopefully, this stipend is not in vain and the future brings us games that are as incredible as they are innovative and entertaining. It is time to change the pace and decide to allocate more funds to intriguing and interesting narratives and stories because that way, the rest will come rolled.  Are you interested in playing these games? Just visit Gamivo now!

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