The Bell & Ross Signature: Industrial Strength Meets Luxury

How can one merge industrial strength and luxury in a single brand? The answer to that is Bell & Ross. The brand is recent if you compare it to other notable watches in the industry. However, it has emerged as an iconic brand associated with tactical military activities. These are watches worn by people who take care of bombs, fly jets or go to extreme situations inhospitable to other types of watches. It is no wonder that the brand has held its following and has singularly created its niche. This is not to say that the Bell & Ross timepieces are exclusively military. A civilian should not deprive oneself of the capabilities of this watch brand. In terms of strength and accuracy, you can rely on its Swiss technology.

Founded in 1992, Bell & Ross has become an exemplary brand in all things that involve professional aviation or aeronautics. Although the brand can be considered relatively new to the industry, in a brief period the Bell & Ross has renowned its name internationally and has created timepieces that perfectly meet the requirement for professional watches.

A Watch That’s On-The-Go

One can’t deny the rugged appeal of the Bell & Ross watches. The look is suited for the great outdoors and extreme sports. It is a kind of watch that goes well with your athletic gear. Whiter you are cycling, rock climbing, or deep-sea diving, these watches can deliver time to any place all the time. These watches are built to last. They can also withstand shocks and falls because of their terrific build. You can see this characteristic in the robust bezels and also the overall aesthetics. That is why if you are a person who is always in action, you better get your own Bell & Ross watch.

Another great feature about these lines is their capacity to resist water. That is why they are also built for aquatic environments. These are watches that marine biologists and deep-sea divers will love.

For Tactical Situations Like Bomb Disposal

These watches have assisted military personnel in bomb disposal and tactical activities involving running, climbing, and diving. Function shapes form the motto of the brand. Furthermore, a Bell & Ross watch can also tolerate extreme temperatures. That is why this is a perfect watch if you go for a polar expedition or do deep-sea diving. This is also something a firefighter should wear because it can withstand temperature changes.

The thing about wearing this kind of watch is that it makes you feel like a ninja or some form of a superhero. It has a build and look that is action-ready. However, it is also laid back that it can be conspicuous. There are also more inconspicuous lines of Bell & Ross like the Phantom-CE, which is black as the night but illuminated dials.

Many of their early watch models have successfully grabbed attention, and this includes their Bell & Ross Space 1 model. Indeed, this model is considered the first automatic chronograph worn in space. Additionally, the Bomb Disposal Type model is a piece of wrist armor that made the dangerous job of deactivating the explosives much easier.

For the Classy Option, Go Vintage

If you love vintage but will never go for other brands, then choose the Bell & Ross Vintage. This watch can be regarded as one of the most beautiful and captivating of all the lines under the brand. The vintage has a beautiful chronograph face and elegant dials. The warm tone greets an observer like a smile. This is the kind of watch you want to hear when you go to notable events. It has that typical Bell & Ross strength but with a luxurious twist. The 38.5 mm casing is followed by polished steel giving it a nostalgic look of those great 40s and 50s watches.

A Watch for the Present and Beyond

Such timeless design is at home with our everyday trends. It is also a kind of watch that can look good in any environment or situation. Even though it is made for the wet and wild outdoors, Bell & Ross timepieces are also built for beauty and style. There are even elegant pieces with classy designs if you are the type who goes for that look. The world of Bell & Ross is genuinely captivating.


It is safe to say that a Bell & Ross can be the ultimate watch of your choice. If you are a watch fan and an adventure seeker, then this is for you. If you are into military and tactical work, then all the more reason to get this watch. It has a kind of statement that says you are someone who loves danger and adventure. It is also a kind of watch that can outlive many seasons. It is an investment that you will surely cherish for years to come.

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