The Best Minigames to Play on OSRS

Something to occupy your time with

Minigames in OSRS offer different ways of enjoying the game. Playing one gives certain limitations or challenges to players, and rewards them upon completion. While even veterans and long-time players might have not played one minigame, they’re missing out on great rewards. Minigames rarely reward OSRS gold, but the items and experience are invaluable.

Here are the best OSRS minigames to play, whether through gameplay or rewards.

Tz-haar Fight Caves and Inferno

Players get the Fire Cape and its upgrade the Infernal Cape from these respective minigames. Both are solo fighting games where players stand their ground against and defeat waves of enemies. Waiting at the end is a boss, which means players have to manage their HP, Prayer, and items well. Knowing about and making use of what combat strategies to use and safe spotting techniques can give you an edge as well.

These minigames can be difficult, but the capes are worth it. They are the best melee capes in the game, and your combat character isn’t complete without one. Plus, it’s also bragging rights to have an Infernal cape.

Mage Arena

Anybody using a Mage Pure or likes Magic should give this minigame a try. The god capes (Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix) are the best-in-slot capes for mages. For pures, the opportunity to learn god spells also comes from this minigame. These spells can hit really hard with high magic, though they’re quite costly to use, so not really for casuals.


This tricky minigame is a good OSRS GP maker, as Barrows equipment is always in demand and rather expensive. Some guides estimate playing this minigame can give you 1M GP per hour, depending on luck. Other than that, Barrows equipment is useful in a variety of situations and is a critical upgrade for ironmen.

It may be tricky, but knowing what to do and what strategies work helps players complete it. There’s also a bit of planning involved since the dungeon drains prayer the longer you stay in it. However, the rewards are too good to pass up.

Pyramid Plunder

If you’re training Thieving, you would do well to consider this minigame. It gives about 300k Thieving XP per hour, and you have the chance of getting Pharaoh’s Sceptre from a gold chest in the middle. It costs about 7m gold, which is a good sum if you can get one every few runs.

It’s a good way of training Thieving while also farming gold. Hitting two birds with one stone makes you efficient, meaning you’re using your time well. There are other ways of training the skill, but this one lets you do both.

Tears of Guthix

This minigame makes players collect Tears of Guthix. For each tear they collect, they gain XP for the lowest-leveled skill they have. While 60XP for each tear wouldn’t be much for high-leveled skills, it’s a boon for hard-to-train at low-level skills. Examples of that are Hunting and Runecrafting, which have pretty low gains at lower levels.

You may also do the Hard Lumbridge Achievement Diary to get a 10% increase in XP gain in this minigame. You can only do this minigame once a week, so make sure to catch all the tears you can!


There are so many minigames in OSRS and this is just a handful of them with the best rewards. Though it didn’t include the Chambers of Xeric, which offers a chance to get the Twisted Bow. That bow is one of the best Ranged weapons there are, and its price proves it.

It makes players want to buy OSRS gold from shady sellers that offer OSRS gold for sale. The only way to get it without having to grind nor buy gold would be to run the game and make it to the end. It’s filled with challenging rooms, especially if you’re running Challenge Mode.

At any rate, minigames are a break from farming, skilling, grinding, or hunting. When things get a little too tedious or repetitive, doing something else is a good break. Some of these minigames can give great rewards, so they’re worth trying out.

Lastly, make sure to play the minigames that fit your preferences. Some players don’t like fighting minigames, while others might prefer it. A game is meant to be enjoyed, so you don’t have to play what you don’t like.

Continue playing and enjoying Old School Runescape and all the minigame rewards you can!

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