The cast of ‘My Best Friend’s Secret Life,’ a Lifetime suspense film starring Nicolette Langley and many more, Details discussed

Lifetime’s newest drama is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats: My Best Friend’s Secret Life. The plot revolves around the girl’s naive trust in her new friend. Originally titled Friends in Deadly Places, the Lifetime film’s title was modified to My Escort Best Friend before finally settling on its current name. Maggie, our protagonist, falls victim to a trafficking network after trusting her new best friend, Laurel. Her work with the latter sends her to upscale nightclubs where she may network with potential customers. Maggie learns the truth after it’s already too late. Maggie is excited when she meets stylish, edgy Laurel. Maggie, however, recognizes that she is being prepared for something far worse than a best friend, and it is up to her mother, Kate, to save her.

Meet the cast of “My Best Friend’s Secret Life”

Nicolette Langley as Maggie

Nicolette Langley is a Los Angeles native who has only lately begun appearing in film and television. In addition to Betrayed, her other works include Party from Hell, Killer Cheerleader, Beware of Mom, Christmas Matchmakers, Dangerous Snow Day, and Dangerous Snow Day. In a recent Instagram post, Langley was spotted in a playful photobomb by Canadian actor Devon Bagby. The relationship status of these two is currently unknown. On the other hand, Langley will portray the lead character Maggie in the upcoming Lifetime series My Best Friend’s Secret Life.

René Ashton plays Kate.

René Ashton, who has earned rave reviews as an actor, is also a director, writer, and producer. This Is Us, NCIS: Los Angeles, Westworld, Grey’s Anatomy, Christmas in Pine Valley, and Killer Cover Up are just a few of her 99 credits. She also helped develop “Get It Girl,” a website dedicated to empowering women in the media and entertainment industries. The three-time Emmy winner and new Lifetime movie star is a mother of two. In the film My Best Friend’s Secret Life, she plays Maggie’s mom, Kate.

Rachel Turner, as Laurel

Rachel Turner, who had her acting debut with Dancer in Danger at the beginning of this year, will soon be seen in her second production, a Lifetime movie. She plays Laurel, who acts as Maggie’s friend to get what she wants. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Turner relocated to Los Angeles in 2019. She has performed in musical theatre since she was 11 and studied acting at Elon University’s BFA Acting department. Turner had several commercial appearances before she broke into the film industry.

Philip Boyd plays Dan.

Philip Boyd, an Atlanta native and a veteran of 66 acting roles, was born in the United States. The Haves and the Have-Nots, In-Lawfully Yours, Feud, Orphan Horse, Deadly Due Date, Bloodbath, and General Hospital are just a few films that bear his name. His Instagram page boasts that he is also a writer and golfer. He’ll portray the bad guy Dan in the upcoming Lifetime thriller. Sunday, January 16 at 8 p.m. ET is the debut airing of My Best Friend’s Secret Life, a new Lifetime movie directed by Ben Meyerson.

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