The drama between Denzel Dion and LA Demi is explained, Demi claims that Dion assaulted her, Details discussed

According to Centennial, Trans activist and video artist La Demi made allegations of violence on fellow influencer Denzel Dion on Instagram this week, which Dion quickly denied. The makeup artist told her 300,000 Instagram followers in a series of tales that Dion assaulted her on the front porch of a residence. But Denzel Dion released a long statement on Twitter and Instagram in response to the allegations. What they both had to say is included below.

Accusations of assault by La Demi

Activist La Demi, who identifies as transgender, surprised her Instagram fans this week by accusing Denzel Dion of assault in a series of posts. In an earlier post, the content creator claimed that a guy she identified as Max Montana’s closest friend had attacked and beaten her. When she was at her weakest, La Demi said, “He pulled my hair off and beat me up on the stairs of a home,” as recorded by Centennial Beauty. He took advantage of me since I was helpless on the high stairs. The same site claims that La Demi published images of herself in which she looks to have a black eye, scratches all over her body, and hair was torn away from her head. Next, the influencer said that Denzel Dion, the proprietor of a clothing line and a podcast broadcaster, was behind the assault.

Denzel Dion calls claims not true and is very upset

In a statement posted to Instagram and Twitter, Denzel Dion denied the charges, writing, “I am horrified and profoundly grieved by the allegations made by La Demi that I attacked her.” Those claims are completely false. What I’m being accused of is something I would never do. Of course, not to a woman, much less a TRANS woman. Dion continued by saying that he and La Demi had always gotten along well and was baffled by her abuse allegations. He claimed, La Demi and I were at the same party at the start of the evening yesterday, but we left before she was assulted. I don’t know why she kept bringing up my stature, body type, and ethnicity. When asked what he thought had happened, Dion told his 1.8 million followers that he could only conclude it was a case of mistaken identification. He expressed his wish that La Demi would recover from her injuries and that her assailant would be apprehended.

The beauty expert addresses Denzel Dion’s comments

After Denzel Dion’s statement, La Demi rebutted by calling for the guy she says helped her up the stairs to testify. When she was finally alone, “a very sweet guy” lifted her down the stairs, as she later revealed on Instagram. He led me to the peak, instructed me to take cover, and then retreated down the slope to get my footwear, bag, and mobile device. If anyone sees this, please step forward as a witness and aid me. On another slide, the content creator repeated Denzel’s message but made further accusations against him on Instagram, which Dion has yet to comment on. La Demi and Denzel Dion have been contacted for comment by The Focus.

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