The influencer looked much like Blackpink’s Rosé kept getting scary threats

On a friend’s advice, the Korean-American social media influencer joined a Facebook group called Subtle Asian Dating (SAD). This was when the online backlash started. She says, Being picked on because of my race made me want to fit in, which made me ashamed of being Korean and hanging out with people of other races.

A friend in high school told me to learn about my background

The friend first told her to join Subtle Asian Traits, a Facebook group where Asians can talk about things they have in common, and then he told her to join SAD, a group that grew out of Subtle Asian Traits. Members “auction” off pictures and other information about themselves to other members in the hopes of making new friends or maybe a romantic connection. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t even know that there were such Facebook groups, so I let her choose, Shin says. Within a few hours of the post, the comments section was full of people praising BlackPink Rosé. Then someone posted this on Twitter, where several Blackpink fan accounts said I was “copying” Rosé. That was the first thing that got everything started.

Comments of shin about the incident

As has been said before, Shin has talked about claims that he “copied” Rosé on Instagram stories. Even though she didn’t see any similarities between herself and the artist, she was “genuinely happy” if others did.

She also says, “I hate it when people are mean and make false accusations.” Your ideas that I’m trying to dress and style myself like Rosé won’t make me change anything about how I look. Shin says that she has recently tried to block out the cruel comments of people who say she stole the look of their hero.

She says that her mental health was bad because “everything was going wrong simultaneously.” But as time went on, I got the help I needed and learned that I was more capable than I had thought. Shin says that when she saw how her “friends, family, and even my fans” were being hurt by the fight, it “broke her heart.”

She said that on March 18, she and her family had gotten death threats through social media. She posted a series of pictures that showed a disturbing conversation between a young child Shin says is neurodiverse and an anonymous user. These pictures were given to her by another user. The anonymous user seems to have told the girl to kill herself so that they could get Shin’s address.

Risk of being wiped out

Shin says that the police weren’t much help when she was getting death threats, and her house was broken into. She also says, “The police just took over my most recent case, and the investigators are looking into it right now, so I can’t give you any hints.” I’m getting ready to take the legal steps needed to solve this problem in a reasonable way. Shin is more careful about who she hangs out with and where she goes because she and her family are at risk.

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