The Latest Non-Invasive Weight Loss Solutions You Can Try Right Now

Despite economic downturns, people are still quite happy to set aside money for weight loss solutions. The global weight loss market is expected to grow to over $295 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Thanks to the unprecedented focus into health and wellness research in the recent months, everything from consumable fitness products to diabetes medications were able to evolve to help people achieve their weight and fitness goals.

Direct fat cell stimulation

This refers to technologies that are designed to target fat cells directly in order to reduce the amount of fat in the body. Red Light Therapy, pioneered by UltraSlim, involves shining specific wavelengths of red light into the skin. This is meant to coax fat cells to open up and make it easier for their contents to be burned up by the body.

Cryolipolysis is another good example. This method essentially freezes fat cells to death, after which they are simply reabsorbed by the body. First developed in 2005, the technology has advanced enough that results can be seen in a little over a month.

Supplements and medication that promote weight loss

Recent advancements in diabetes medication resulted in the development of better fat reduction drugs. Drug-based solutions take many different approaches to burning fat. Bupropion-naltrexone, for example, combines a drug-dependence cure with an antidepressant substance, with the aim to quell food cravings. Cardarine sarm medications, on the other hand, raises metabolism on top of suppressing appetite, making it a favorite among bodybuilders, as well as those just looking to lose weight.

Another novel solution is Phentermine-topiramate. This one is a combination of two drugs– phentermine, a substance that increases heart rate and blood pressure, and topiramate, a mood stabilizer used to treat epilepsy, alcohol dependency, and mental disorders such as BPD. The goal of the first substance is to increase metabolism, while the other is meant to eliminate the addictive effects of food. While they have outstanding performance in some cases, it’s still exceedingly important to consult a doctor before you take any of these medications. Some of them come with side effects, and not everyone’s body is built to handle them.

Fat burning devices

These fat-reducing technologies make use of devices that apply energy to fat in order to eliminate it. This is primarily done by ultrasonic cavitation or electromagnetic stimulation. The former makes use of low-frequency sound to vibrate fat, liquefying it and thus allowing the body to process it. The latter employs electromagnetic applicators to create muscle contractions that burn fat in a way similar to physical exercise.

The big advantage to this type of fat loss tech is that they offer similar effects to working out. EMSculpt, one of the leaders in developing electromagnetic weight loss devices, claims that 30 minutes of use can give you the same workout as 20,000 crunches. Given that ultrasonic cavitation vibrates the muscles, it also has the potential to exercise your muscles even while you’re at rest.

Despite their incredible efficacy, doctors advise that these technologies are best paired with proper diet and exercise. Fat loss is only one small part of getting healthy and keeping yourself that way, so it’s still important to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve your fitness goals.

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