The reason behind Belinda and Christian Nodal’s breakup, The singer breaks up with his fiancé, Relationship details explored!

On February 12, the Mexican musician Christian Nodal up with his ex, the Spanish-Mexican singer-songwriter Belinda Peregrn Schüll, split up. Schüll is most known for her work in both Spanish and Mexican music. Nodal took to Instagram to break the news to his audience by posting a post on the platform. In an open letter that he sent to his followers and colleagues in the media, he said, “We have decided to end our engagement and our relationship as a couple, taking the best of each other.” Before the singer’s official announcement, the public and the local media had spent the previous week speculating about the couple’s split.

The rumoured causes of Christian Nodal’s and Belinda’s breakup

It has been widely reported that Belinda’s financial troubles were at the bottom of the conflict that led to their break. Neither of the vocalists has commented on the split, but Belinda’s issues are commonly believed to be the cause. According to several tabloid blogs, Belinda’s demand that Christian Nodal pay her $4 million to clear her responsibilities with the Mexican Tax Administration Service was the last straw that forced the couple to part up. This was cited as the reason for the breakup (SAT). The Mexican programme Gossip No Like claims that Nodal’s lawyers determined that Belinda Peregrn Schüll owed about $500,000, which is a significant reduction from the previous estimate of $4 million. According to the reports that appeared in the regional press, this resulted in significant conflict between the two brilliant people.

A glimpse of the relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal

According to the rumour, the two former partners met for the first time during the event in Dallas for the 2020 Premios de La Radio. Reportedly, Belinda invited Nodal to join her on stage for a dance performance at the awards event. The Spanish-language edition of PEOPLE reportedly disclosed this information. Following that, they both made appearances as judges on the TV Azteca show “La Voz Mexico.” Not long after the couple started dating, Nodal popped the question to Belinda. In one episode of “La Saga,” Nodal revealed to the character of Belinda, played by Adela Micha, that he intends to marry her. He mentioned they exchanged rings this year, and that means that they were legally married. 

Christian Nodal, who was 23 years old at the time, had a number of tattoos depicting himself with pop star Belinda, who was 32 years old at the time. The name “Beli” is tattooed near the right ear of the former, while a tattoo of Belinda’s eyes is located on the upper torso of the latter. It has been reported that after the dissolution of their relationship, the two individuals stopped following one another on social media. Both parties have removed practically all images of themselves from their respective social media pages to create additional space between themselves and the other party.

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