The star of “Jackass,” who was bitten by a shark during a scary stunt for Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” has been released

Sean “Poopies” McInerney was attacked by a shark while filming for an episode of Shark Week on Discovery. The attack left him with terrible wounds. When this happened, the newest “Jackass” crew member was doing a wakeboarding stunt in an ocean area where sharks were known to hang out.

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is always listed as one of the most-watched special-interest shows on cable T.V. Every year, and the T.V. network sets aside one week of programming to show things about sharks. This year, Discovery has worked with the people who make “Jackass” and professional stuntmen to do a series of stunts involving sharks.

During one of the tricks, Poopies fell off the wakeboard and landed in the shark tank by accident. The surfer didn’t swim fast enough to escape the danger zone in time, so a shark bit his hand.

But the medical team acted quickly, and one of the workers put his own life in danger to pull Poopies out of the water. Luckily, Poopies made it. After getting medical help immediately, the performer was taken out of the arena for surgery.

Who is this Sean McInerney, who also goes by the name Poopies?

Sean McInerney is a professional surfer, performer, and entertainer who goes by the stage name Poopies. He also puts videos on YouTube. His role in the T.V. show ____Who is J.O.B.? brought him the most attention and made him a household name. The show is about surfers, with many exciting water sports and action scenes.

The stunt performer is just starting as a YouTuber, but he already has many online fans. More than 50,000 people have now signed up to follow his channel. Poopies also has an active and verified account on Instagram, where it has more than 200,000 followers. He will be in the new movie “Jackass Forever,” along with the rest of the cast and crew from “Jackass.”

A frightening brush with death

Since a shark killed them during Shark Week on Discovery, poopies have been everywhere in the news. After going through an operation that could have cost him his life, the YouTuber is reportedly improving.

He also posted a more detailed video on YouTube about the terrifying event and filmed the famous shark attack. He also said that the video was the “nastiest vlog ever recorded” on the channel.

I told my driver to go about 10 miles per hour, so we don’t go too fast, but I think we went a little too slow, and I fell about four or five feet into the shark pit. I thought I would die when I landed in that shark pit. So that we don’t go too fast, I told my driver to go about 10 miles per hour. During the movie, Poopies cried while giving more information about what happened:

This year, Poopies became famous and got a lot of attention after being on the American reality T.V. show __Jackass. After being attacked by a shark on a show that Jackass and Discovery made together for Shark Week, he got a lot of attention from the public.

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