The Top On-Demand Streaming Services in 2021!

The number of streaming platforms is rising by the day as online video viewing is increasing. With names like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV plus, Amazon Prime and more from major production houses such as Disney Plus+, and Paramount Plus.

This causes a paradox of choice where one can’t decide because of too many available options. Each platform has great shows to boast and there’s no way I can miss out on “Stranger Things” if I’ve signed up to HBO Max for “Game of Thrones”!

In this blog we’ll be rating the top 5 streaming services available right now.


Netflix has been coming up with great original content for the longest time now. Narcos (2015), Sense8 (2015-2018) and House of Cards (2018). In the content curation vertical Netflix also has been at the forefront with shows such as The Witcher (2019-Present), Stranger Things (2016-Present) to name a few.

The great content available on Netflix, both original and curated, makes it a binge-watching enthusiast’s heaven. With fresh content just around the corner any time of the year, you wouldn’t find a moment waiting for a new TV show to binge upon!

Despite being more expensive than the other providers available, Netflix users get more options than the rest. Both in terms of content and accessibility of the app on all devices.

However, there is a very small problem with this. The content on Netflix is heavily geo-blocked, meaning the movies found in Netflix’s US version are not the same in the European version. This can be bypassed using a VPN. But be careful, a low standard, free VPN will be detected by Netflix and you’ll be served a proxy error. So, to get the best out of Netflix, sign up for a premium VPN in order to get rid of the Netflix proxy error.


In recent years, HULU has grown into a tough competitor for Netflix. With a huge library of TV shows and movies, and first-day streaming options for new releases makes HULU a great choice for cinema enthusiasts.

Hulu provides a Basic plan and a Premium plan. With the premium plan, you’ll be rid of the commercials as well and your streaming experience will be nothing short of oh-so-great! A premium plan is also great for live streaming of shows broadcasted on TV.

Despite a library full of classics and blockbusters, and a lower monthly subscription fee than the rest, Hulu has a few drawbacks as well. It doesn’t support HDR options, and the number of screens on which the app can simultaneously be run is limited to just two. Though this limit can be removed but for an extra add-on amount.

One last thing about Hulu, it can be upgraded to include subscriptions for ESPN and Disney Plus by upgrading to the premium package. So, they do provide enough incentives to actually ditch the basic plan and hop-on to the premium bandwagon!

Amazon Prime Video

In terms of subscriber count, Amazon Prime ranks second by boasting almost 100 million subscribers to date. With this significant pool of movie aficionados to keep happy, it is only natural that Amazon Prime has invested considerable resources into creating originals. Amongst the best ones we hear names such as “The Grand Tour ”, Them (2021) and “Jack Ryan ”.

On top of this, Amazon Prime is the only platform that permits users to buy any title of their choice and stream it. This means users can create a library of their own with their favorite titles and curated movies. Along with this, the Indian library at Amazon Prime is amongst the biggest on the internet.

The service supports high-res video streaming options and is also supported on almost all devices out there. The service also comes free with an Amazon Prime membership. The subscription fee for just Prime Video is $9.


The best bit about HBO Max would be the exclusive deals they have with Production houses such as Warner Studios. This allows HBO Max to release movies on the same date when they are premiered. HBO Max also has exclusive rights to the DC Universe, and owns TCM. Hence, it’s only fair that HBO Max is considered to be amongst the best streaming service providers out there!

Some notable titles produced by HBO are “Game of Thrones” and “Watchmen”, along with a huge number of originals that are critically acclaimed such as “Gossip Girl”.

With all these upsides, there is a downside too. On the technological front, HBO Max lacks behind other streaming services. There is no 4K or HDR support and the video quality is 1080p.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus definitely finds its way in the top 5 streaming services. Launched in 2019, Disney Plus was slightly late to the party, but in the short duration it’s been around, there are almost 70 million subscribers. All Disney movies can be found on the platform.

The curators at Disney Plus have done a great job – the platform owns rights to “Simpsons”, “Star Wars” and Marvel and Pixar Studios as well. Also, since Disney is known for family content, all the titles on Disney Plus are PG-13.

With a minimal subscription plan at $8/month, you get ad-free streaming. Disney Plus also gives the option of upgrading the subscription plan to include ESPN+ and Hulu at $14/month saving $6.


If it’s the content you’re looking for, Netflix and HBO Max are great. If you’re looking for variety, Amazon Prime Video and if you’re looking for a great offer, Disney Plus is the streaming service for you!

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