Thierry Mugler’s nose: what happened? Facial surgery and accident rehashed as renowned French designer dies at 73, Details explored!

Thierry Mugler, a French fashion designer, passed away at the age of 73 due to natural causes. At Paris Fashion Week 2021, the famous fashion designer Thierry Mugler had his own show in his name. In the most recent show that Thierry Mugler put on, the famous American rapper Cardi B walked the runway wearing couture outfits that he had designed. During a celebration celebrating the innovative fashion ideas of Thierry Mugler, she was seen mingling with him. There is a possibility that some audience members thought Thierry Mugler’s face changed over the course of the event. The designer’s facial surgery history includes multiple adjustments.

Is Thierry Mugler’s nose broken?

Thierry Mugler has had many face reconstruction surgery due to his numerous accidents. In 2019, during an interview with actress Tippi Hedren for the magazine Interview, he described how he smashed his nose in a jeep accident, suffered a face injury in the gym, and seriously wounded his leg in a motorbike accident. In perspective, Mugler claims that he had the operation not for the sake of reconstruction but rather for “pleasure and pleasing myself.”

He underwent surgery on his face while under anesthesia for another treatment (removing metal from his leg), and he said in the interview, “Let’s find a way to make this amusing!” After the evaluation of my chin by a second surgeon, I was pleased to be able to proceed with the anesthesia. He took a piece of bone from my hip and put it in my chin so I wouldn’t have to deal with synthetic materials, such as plastic or silicone. Bones alone. After years of being a thin and charming dancer, I now want to be a strong warrior, and I believed that if I modified my face to match that, it would show that transformation. It is accurate to say that throughout my stay here, I have managed to achieve a great deal. What an experienced vet of the battlefield I am. My job requires me to look like a superhero, so that’s exactly what I’ve got going for me.

What other kinds of accidents did Thierry Mugler experience?

Mugler also told Hedron that he had been involved in a motorcycle accident involving steel wires. Because of his injuries, he had surgery to remove a piece of metal embedded in his leg. But, Mugler was operating at such a high level of productivity that he was unable to make it to the hospital after the accident. In spite of the fact that his doctors had cautioned him against having surgery, he went ahead and had the procedure done. Even though Thierry Mugler’s face had been broken several times due to his bad luck, he still decided to seek cosmetic surgery to restore it. Also, the designer had the impression that the process was related to his studies in architecture, which propelled him to higher heights.

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