This is ugliness: 10 luxury cars spoiled by tuning

Car tuning projects are difficult to evaluate objectively: improvements are made either in accordance with the requirements of a particular client or with the vision of finalizing the base model by a third-party tuning studio. To some, the setting seems perfect, to others – ugliness. Every man to his own taste, as they say.

ART Mercedes-Benz G-Class (W463)

Gelandewagen is good for its laconic design and simplicity – the army past of the model effects. But the SUV is popular in the civilian market, which forced the owners to look for ways to express themselves.

The model is also popular in rental stores around the world. For example, today it will not be difficult to find G63 for rent in Dubai in a local rental shop. Anyone can rent this legendary car to enjoy its features. But the rental Mercedes will have a classic body and interior, of course. If you want an exclusive, you better contact the guys from A.R.T Tuning in Germany.

One of the most controversial options is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the tuning of the company A.R.T Tuning – this is, in fact, a puzzle about how many rectangles and circles are in the car’s appearance.

ASI Bentley Continental GT Tetsu GTR

What happens if you take a fancy British car and give it to Japanese tuners and let them do whatever they want? That’s right, you get a nightmare with a body kit, black and white design, and strange red leaves on the hood. By the way, there is also a yellow version.

Asma Design Porsche Cayenne Turbo “Giant” (958)

The Porsche Cayenne may not be a great car, but as a standard crossover, it’s fine. True, not in the finalization of Asma Design.

The German tuners were not embarrassed by the smooth contours of the Cayenne and completed a straight-line body kit, not disregarding the front part of the body.

Edo Competition Porsche Panamera Turbo (970)

And another Porsche was also tuned in Germany, but the first generation car was taken as the basis. A multi-story bumper, air vents on the wheel arches, and carbon-fiber headlight goggles made the regular Panamera an overweight terror on wheels. There was no trace left of the handsome sportsman.

Mansory Centuria

Atelier Mansory, in principle, boasts a huge number of controversial design and color improvements. In their hands, for example, the Bugatti Chiron turned into a strange Mansory Centuria, completely devoid of its conciseness and masterpiece gloss. How do you like that?

Mansory Siracusa

That’s right, Mansory knows the secret of how to ruin a stylish car. This time the victim was a Ferrari 458 Italia. The question is: why style a cool model like a Ferrari Enzo, and add alien air intakes on the wings, and blinds on the rear window? That’s right: to get the ridiculous Mansory Siracusa.

ONYX Concept Bentley Bentayga GTX 4×4

Expectations that the British studio would improve the quality of the British car did not come true: the GTX 4×4 based on the Bentley Bentayga completely deprived the base crossover of its characteristic monumentality, endowing it with inappropriate sporty accents in the body design.

Tommykaira Toyota Prius RR-GT (ZVW35)

Few people want to modify an economical hybrid, but not the Japanese. Local craftsmen manage to make caricatures and insane modifications that can disfigure any car. So the family “Prius” has become a pale likeness of a youth sports car with an aggressive body kit and strange neon lighting.

WALD Rolls-Royce Dawn Sports Line Black Bison Edition

Is it okay that Rolls-Royce always offers factory personalization? The Japanese think differently and do true madness even with such a conservative car: they lowered the suspension, installed giant rims, and created a terrifying body kit. In short, Japanese shame.

Zero Design Maserati Levante

Honestly, a factory Maserati Levante is better than a tuned one. Although, in this case, he is not as crazy as one might expect from Japanese modifiers. In principle, quite unusual and almost even stylish.


Of course, the madness is not limited to the walls of the studio: tuning is sometimes done by craftsmen with their own hands. It is already known what will happen if Bentley is put on a caterpillar track, and Mansory makes fun of the Bugatti Chiron.

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