Threedotcorey measurements, bio, height, weight, and shoe size

Threedotcorey’s real name is Corey Whelan, a social media star and fastest-growing artist on Tik Tok. He started establishing the videos on Tik Tok and then on Instagram with the new account name attractive and different. Threedotcorey regularly updates his account and shares every good news with 3 million followers. He has newly uploaded funny videos and lip sync on the version. He likes dancing to music, and his charming personality can easily attract an audience. The fantastic, well-toned figure of Threedotcorey is often seen in his excellent videos and Instagram pictures. He is a rising star rapidly moving with regular engagement with the latest upload and fan base.

Threedotcorey Early Life

Threedotcorey was born in the United States on 21 September 2001 with Corey Whelan. He is a social star but never involved his family in the business. After a fantastic response from the followers, his sister started making the transition videos. People have found his sister’s name through his Tik Tok account, which helps him make good videos. Threedotcorey 2019 uploaded the first video on Tik Tok, and his video started getting shared on several platforms. His videos are incredible, with great content that quickly maximizes the views. The Tik toker is popular, but he is a basketball player in general. He has so many other activities to do but handsomely takes care of the collaboration.

How Did Threedotcorey Get Famous?

Threedotcorey is a teenager with a social media account, and now he is an influencer or sensation on the fastest-growing platforms. His growth from a minor individual investing time on Tik Tok and suffering the videos to making 3 million tons of followers is impressive. He has taken the notes of his upload every time and included various prank videos. The early collaboration of Threedotcorey with friends on Tik Tok has even helped him make interesting and synchronized content. Threedotcorey is performing create on Tik Tok, and the excellent investment in managing the account with millions of views is phenomenal. In the meantime, the fan’s engagement and regular interaction also help him reach 20 million people at a time. As of now, he is growing in numbers and education. 

He is taking extra classes to learn video editing and how to edit Hip hop music in the background. It is interesting for the Tiktoker to have a fantastic profile on the platform like other significant uploads. Threedotcorey has even learnt about the transition video from siblings. He is a learner and is Gorgeously motivated to interact and create everything original.

More About Threedotcorey

Threedotcorey’s Instagram page shows how wonderful he is with his follower and how regular he updates about different and colourful pictures. That 20-year-old incredible social media staff is moving ahead in making millions of audiences as a fan, and the social platform has become a hub of monetary value. People do not know things about Threedotcorey, such as he took Tik Tok in 2019. The first time he shared the video, it went viral because of the excellent storyline and hashtags. Around 200k people liked his content initially, and then he never stopped making transition videos. He is a great follower and admires Billie Eilish. Once uploaded a video for the singer to watch with the track famous in every continent terrible guy with the great caption. In 2020 has the Tik Tok account counted around 150 million likes and 5 million followers?

Threedotcorey’s Height And Weight 

The young and incredible social media star has 5 feet 7 inches in height and approximately 60 kg weight. He is into regular exercise. His other muscle bones are also more robust than his body weight and tall size. Impact numerous times. He is seen in the Tik Tok video in the gym doing several different types of exercise to motivate everybody. He likes doing the exercise shirtless as it does some work out more. The young personality has a charm, and he understands positively.

Threedotcorey’s Dating History

Threedotcorey dating history is no secret to the audience, as his relationship status is believed to be single. But he has uploaded several pictures in the row with Marissa Gulley. So it is thought that they are dating and excellent friends. Threedotcorey likes to play good views, but the best upload, according to him, is the photo that describes the prom event. So there is a particular picture on Instagram with Marissa going on the prom. But he never admits his relationship status with the beautiful young girl.

Full born name: Cory Whelan

Nicknames: Threedotcorey

Occupation: Social Content creator

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 21 September 2001

Birthplace: America

Zodiac sign: Virgo 

Father name: N/A

Mother name: N/A 

Sibling’s name: N/A

Spouse/ Girlfriend: Marissa Gulley

Children: None

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Threedotcorey’s Body Measurement

 Threedotcorey body is muscular, and his workouts and regular healthy foods keep his metabolism healthy. He is very concerned about his diet and never skips any of his meals. He mentioned several times telling the other friends the benefits and the Healthy lifestyle regimes. He is pretty conscious about every inch and never spends any moment in taking the back door. However, his body measurements are unknown due to a lack of information and evidence.

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 60 kg

Chest size: N/A

Waist size: N/A

Hip’s size: N/A

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 9 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No Threedotcorey has not opted for any form of chemical treatment that requires cutting and stitching of facial features. He even spread the news of living a natural life and enjoying the well-being. But, more importantly, he is wise to everyone.

Threedotcorey’s Net Worth

Threedotcorey is one of the popular social influencers with a 3 million net worth which is incredible as per his age and content. He is impressively correctly designing his future, including multiple luxuries and a fantastic lifestyle.


Hobbies: Tracking

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

Favourite Color: Black

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