TikTok Challenges That Have Caused Massive Disaster

Sometimes, social media becomes an obsession. In the non-ending race of popularity, creators can get crazy and begin doing unexpected things. Things that may harm and that harm them and their beloved ones.

You may ask, why would somebody do it in a world where many services for rookies exist?  You don’t need to get risky, just get extra help from analytic services or apps like Goviral.Pro. But yet, the choice is to get hair on flames or glue the whole body for fun.

A little disclaimer: we don’t recommend repeating anything from this article.

TikTok is actually one of the greatest platforms for content creation. But stay responsible even if a crazy-to-go trend tries to take out. So, what things have tiktockers exactly done, and why can’t insurance cover it?

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Cereal Trend: Funny From the First Glance but Dangerous

You must have seen this breakfast violation at least once! We mean videos where people put random cereals in their mouths and then pour milk in there as well. It feels like an easy-to-take-on challenge, but practically it is very dangerous.

Many doctors have discussed this challenge on TikTok, and it turned out that choking on cereals can cause many issues with health. Some attendants of this trend have been taken to the hospital, but luckily, there are no fatal accidents reported.

Dry Scoop Сhallenge: Do Not Try It Even in The Hospital

The main rule to follow is to never (never) inhale any type of powder. Humans are not made for this! Our body starts to fight right after but can’t because dry consistency takes over.

And yes, the trend of inhaling protein powder exists.

Some time ago, the famous “Dry Scoop Challenge” went viral. Everyone wanted to try it because watching people choking turned out to be so funny that those videos could get millions of views in hours!

Everyone wanted to try it until one influencer confessed to having a heart attack right after.

It caused her so many health issues that even the ultimate keepers of TikTok craziness stopped and never returned to the powder obsession. Just buy these likes, yikes.

Vampire Fangs But Superglued Edition

Let’s step out of the topic of choking on food (or powder, in this matter)! There are hundreds of disasters with the appearance of glue.

Fact, you can glue anything. But you can’t unglue the same!

One of the craziest videos is where this guy has superglued vampire fangs to his teeth! He used the popular hashtag #VampireFangs and got 9m views after, but… 

It wasn’t worth it in the end because dentists reassured that super glue won’t come off until some job’s done to the teeth.

Well, TikTok has many fun challenges. For example, take a look at any dancing ones. But no fame is worth the danger that some creators put themselves in for views!

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