TikToker alleges that Austin McBroom reportedly signed NDAs to keep his ‘hidden daughter’ secret, Details discussed

Following the assertion made by a TikToker that ACE family star Austin McBroom had a hidden kid, the actor was subjected to a great deal of criticism on the internet. The poster on TikTok claims to have concrete proof that Austin McBroom has a kid since they work at the daycare where McBroom brings his daughter to be cared for. These rumours began circulating not long after another TikTok user claimed that Catherine, Austin’s wife, had paid her to terminate the pregnancy of the couple’s unborn child.

Austin McBroom allegedly hides daughter’s name behind NDAs

Someone on TikTok claims to be Austin McBroom’s “hidden daughter,” and it has been revealed that they both attended the same preschool when they were younger and both worked there. According to the TikToker, they and the rest of the employees at the preschool are supposed to keep the identity of the baby a secret. Owing to the fact that she is unquestionably Austin McBroom’s kid and that they have both agreed not to disclose this information.

In addition to this, TikToker asserts that he is the child’s primary supplier of material goods and that he is identified as the child’s legal father in all documents pertaining to the child’s registration and identity. However, not all of the fans are persuaded, and some of them believe that the TikTok user is merely attempting to improve their online reputation by concocting phoney drama. Because the TikTok user has exposed not only the baby’s name but also her looks in images, other users on the platform are concerned about the young child’s prospects in the future.

TikTok user responses about the allegations

One of the users made the observation that “That seems sort of wrong.” As if, for instance, he is just attempting to conceal the identity of the infant from the press. Putting images of children on the internet, as was mentioned by a different individual, is only one step away from going much too far. In addition to this, it is unethical for her to snap photographs of the children of other people and retain them for herself.

One user said although I am not a fan of McBroom and so may be completely off my rocker, I do not believe that a non-disclosure agreement should have been signed to compel the employees to keep this “secret.” When in fact, it’s just a child’s life story, I’m giving the staff the side eye because they presumably believe that this is some kind of gossip about Austin. Perhaps she did anything against the law since her activities exceeded a certain limit. Because the highly awaited bout between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall has finally taken place, clout chasers may probably attempt to ride the wave of excitement by making wild claims that have little to no foundation in truth. Austin McBroom has not provided a reaction to the accusations that have been made against him as of yet.

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