Tips for Burgundy Hair Color For Short and Long Hair

Curls add light to the hairstyle, and when combined with vibrant colors such as burgundy hair shade, your hair will never go unnoticed. Adding a burgundy look will give you a significant change that adds an unforgettable uniqueness to your hair. It doesn’t matter if the curls are permanent or temporary, treat them all with royalty.

Dying the hair requires you to make that decision because you get a completely different look afterward. You can choose to color the entire hair or give it exciting highlights. Either way, the results will be worth the decision. But first, research on what effects the dye will have on your hair and what to expect. Research on the internet, or have a conversation with your stylist before dying to be sure. These tips will help you rock burgundy hair color like a pro. Take a peek.

  1. Will Burgundy Hair Fade?

Most red hair dyes fade faster than the other shades, and burgundy hair is no exception. If it is your first time dying your hair red, you should be aware of that and find out the products that will protect the hair from fading. Red dye fades quickly because it has bigger molecules than the other colors. This will make the molecules go less deep into your strands than the others. The fading is also caused by washing the hair. However, although the dye fades out fast, it is very stylish and suits short and curly hairs. Use hair products that keep the dye in place to prevent fading.

  1. Reduce Shampooing

Most people assume that by regularly shampooing their hair, it will look better. However, this is not always the case especially when it comes to a cool hair color such as burgundy hair shade. For your hair color to stay in for months, use less shampoo less often on your hair. Every hair wash washes the color and fastens the fading. You can schedule washes once or twice a month if you feel the hair is becoming too greasy because of the products.

Even after a wash, consider using a conditioner to detangle the hair. According to LoveHairStyles, this maintains moisture and doesn’t have strong cleansing chemicals like shampoos. Also, using a condition in place of shampoo maintains the curls.

  1. Reduce Hair Contact With Water In Summer

Summers are hot, and all you want to do is swim. As a redhead, you need to be more intentional with taking care of your hair. Consider wearing a shower and swim caps when in the water. Also, if you want to enjoy the pool fully, ensure you first wet your hair with tap water and apply a conditioner before diving into the pool. Another tip is to avoid diving in freshly treated pools because the chlorine is more, fastening the fading.

  1. Reduce Heat Exposure

Direct UV rays burn the dye and it could start turning into a different shade. Besides, the UV rays can fasten fading. If you are walking under a hot sun, wear a cap or hat to protect your hair from the sun. When styling, avoid blow dries and other heat-based tools. Also, as you try to keep the curls, avoid hair curlers and strengtheners. This mainly applies to people with long hair because the shirt ones don’t require heat to style.

  1. Will Burgundy Have Effect Ob Naturally Black Hair

If you have never used a product on your natural black hair, you might need to use a burgundy dye with a 30-volume developer for a perfect burgundy shade. Hair that has been previously dyed will require less product.

However, first, use a color remover on the hair before dying it. If you have been dying your hair black for years, getting the burgundy shade will not be easy. You can wait for the black-dyed hair to grow to dye the burgundy.

  1. Best Skin Tone For Burgundy

The advantage of having burgundy hair is that it is a bit picky with skin tones. The dye comes in many shades, and you can use pictures to compare and see which one will suit you better. Use burgundy hair palette colors to get the correct shade for your skin.

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