Tips for Wearing Capri Pants with Confidence

Capris are one of the most challenging fashion items. Despite being trendy, they are challenging to rock, especially for short people, as they shorten your legs and highlight your wide and muscular calves. With the right tips and guidelines, you should not give up on rocking your capris effortlessly and look your best. In this article, we will discuss some of the tricks necessary in helping you to wear the pants with confidence.


Length is a vital aspect of ensuring that you look great in your capris. Getting your capris either too long or short makes your calves seem extra huge and the legs stumpy. The trick is to find the pants that end at the thinnest point of your legs. The spot varies from one person to another but primarily lies somewhere below the knees and above the widest part of the calf. As you plan to buy kid’s Capri or yours, you should prepare to try out as many as possible. Finding the perfect length is not an easy task, and you should keep trying numerous ones in front of the mirror until you find the ideal one.


Width is another significant factor to consider when rocking your capris. If you are either plump or short, you should be cautious about the wide capri pants ((huge leg openings). Such capris accentuate your silhouette’s break line, which makes you shorter and plumper. Instead of the above, you should consider capris with straight legs and tapered ones, making you appear taller with a sleek look. The latter is, in fact, the most suitable for everyone regardless of their shape, height, and style of fashion.


The waist type is a popular challenge for most people that are inexperienced in wearing capri pants. For instance, there are high waisted capris, which are an excellent choice for people with short legs. The high waist draws the viewers’ eyes up, which makes your legs appear longer. As you rock the high waist capris, you should also consider a top that skims the top of your pants to reveal the pant’s high waist. If you have a shorter torso, you should rock the mid-rise capris as they visually lower your waist, giving you a perfect look.


The details on your selected capris also determine your final look. People with extra weight are advised to stay away from capri pants with bulky details. These details include thick and elastic waistbands, huge cargo side pockets, wide cuffs, and drawstrings. Being heavy and plump requires you to keep off any extra weight as you rock your capris. The stated details make you look heavier and frumpy, which makes them ideal for slender people. Plain capri pants are the best for heavier people as they are slimmer.

In addition to the above factors, the color and pattern of your pants, shoes, and tops you rock with your capris determine your final look. Flat shoes with capris, for instance, are a NO for people with short legs. After choosing the right top, shoes, pant color, and pattern, you should also look at yourself in the mirror, get a few pics of the outfit. The latter are various tricks of determining how great and confident you look in your capris.

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