Tips of Real Players: How to Become a Professional in an Online Casino?

The house always wins, yet hitting the jackpot is still impossible. Online casinos offer plenty of opportunities for payouts if you follow a proven strategy. The following time-tested rules won’t guarantee profit in games of chance (nothing will), but your losses will be minimized.

1.  Research Casinos Before Signing up

Some virtual casinos are unregulated or run by scammers. Appearances are deceptive, so don’t fall for eye-catching design. Only fresh reviews of games on megadice and other reliable platforms will help you. Find a trusted site with a licence and responsive support. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect your fair winnings.

2.  Have a Betting Strategy

Online casinos are at our fingertips 24/7, so it is tempting to play more than you should. Set strict limits and define how much money you can use for wagers per day. Focus on the worst-case scenario — how much can you afford to lose?

Adhere to these limits whatever happens. This requires that you play mindfully and leave the gambling site when emotions become overwhelming. Feelings are your worst enemy. Frustration causes players to exacerbate their losses, but playing when you are excited is just as inadvisable.

3.  Distinguish Between Games of Chance and Games of Luck

The vast majority of games in virtual casinos are games of luck. This means there is no way to affect the outcome. It doesn’t matter when you spin the reels of a slot machine or how much you bet — the result will be random every time.

Do not look for strategic tips where there are none. Games do not have a conscience. All outcomes are based on mathematical sequences calculated by an RNG — random number generator.  Every online casino has one. RNGs are provided by game developers and audited to ensure fairness for all users.

Table games like poker and blackjack are different — experienced players do get an advantage. For example, in blackjack, they always split aces and never split tens. Learn about proven strategies and practice with free games first.

4.  Know When to Leave

Always leave the site as soon as you reach your betting limits. Casino games are not aware of your past experience. It does not matter how much you have wagered before — if you are on a losing streak, nobody knows when it will end. Unfortunately, many players misunderstand the basics and end up wasting their money.

5.  Compare RTP

Return to Player is a percentage showing how much of your wages may return in the long run. The bigger the average, the better. 97% is very good. You can check the RTP for any game. In general, classic versions of table games have a lower house edge than contemporary variations.

Aside from games, RTP is also used as a general indicator for casinos. It is another criterion for comparison when searching for a platform. The difference between 100% and RTP is the house edge — the inherent advantage of the casino. 

6.  Compare Slot Volatility

In the context of slots, volatility or variance describes the frequency and size of your potential winnings. Highly volatile machines deliver impressive payouts but only occasionally (for example, the Mega Moolah slot). Low-volatility games are best for small but steady winnings. Decide what is best for you and accept the fact that the most spectacular jackpots are always the most erratic.

7.  Make the Most of Your Bonuses

Casinos use rewards to attract and retain players. There are welcome bonuses for signing up, match bonuses for deposits, loyalty bonuses, and more. Learn to distinguish between them.

Typically, the biggest sign-up rewards are combinations of several match bonuses — i.e., rewards for deposits. Casinos add between 25% and 100% up to a certain amount. Absolutely free bonuses are referred to as “no deposit bonuses”.

Some casinos are part of international multi-tiered loyalty networks. Typically, users become members automatically upon creating a casino account. You will accumulate loyalty points through real money bets, and the gifts will get progressively bigger as you move up the hierarchy.


The secret to success in online casinos is knowledge. Do not look for correlations where there are none. To play like a pro, follow a strict betting strategy and choose games of skill or luck that suit you.

Diljeet Malik

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