Top 15 Sexy YouTubers With Million Of Subscribers In The World

You can find some other captivating YouTube entertainers if you set the amusing clips of cats in boxes and youngsters returning from the dentist aside. Undoubtedly, a lot of “YouTubers,” as they refer to themselves, are gifted with a range of skills, but some are also blessed with good looks.

With some assistance from the YouTube staff, we identified the most popular YouTubers based on their following, buzz worthiness, and, of course, physical appearance. These trendy vloggers cover a wide range of topics, including professional makeup guidance, statistically improbable trick shots, music, and musical parodies.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the sexiest YouTubers in a world full of female online influencers. Popular videos have helped several comedians, artists, models, and actors gain more fans.

These female vloggers are more than just attractive or seductive thanks to their educational beauty lessons, video game plays, and songs. They are talented, successful women, not simply gorgeous faces. You follow their channels for a variety of reasons, but given that, which of these YouTube gals is the sexiest?

Jaclyn Glenn:

Jaclyn Glenn is a little different from some of the other YouTubers in that she discusses social and religious concerns. She was raised Catholic but over time transitioned to atheism. The amazing part is that this entire change took place after she launched her channel. Glenn, a genius, presents her movies and messages in a hilarious and enjoyable manner. She currently has near about 1 million subscribers and is continually expanding.

Anthony Padilla:

Anthony Padilla of SMOSH and his fiance Kalel Kitten founded the channel with the name “Watch Us Live and Stuff.” The channel, which has more than 1.75 million subscribers, allows users to upload videos of their daily lives and proposals. In December 2014, the couple made the decision to end their relationship and part ways. The channel is still active under Kalel Kitten, and it has continued to post videos starring other YouTube celebrities.

Sommer Ray:

A fitness model and YouTuber, Sommer Ray. She has amassed 25 million Instagram followers and shows no signs of slowing. You may view her fitness videos, in which she sports some rather hot shorts. She also often posts vlogs to her YouTube channel with near about 2 million followers to update her followers on her life. She must be the fitness icon who can help you get in shape.

Lana Rose:

Dubai-born YouTuber Lana Rose is well-known for her vlogs, drawings, and cosmetic tutorials. She furthermore posts music videos on her channel. Rose is excellent at oil paintings, and she has posted many films on the subject. She also has a Hindi vlog channel in addition to her main channel. Lana enjoys driving fancy vehicles, and she is the proud owner of a Lamborghini. Lana has got near about 2.5 million followers on her sexy YouTube channel.

Amanda Cerny:

A prominent figure in the entertainment sector, Amanda Cerny is a fitness model and a familiar face on television. Cerny also manages a YouTube channel, primarily used for personal life vlogging. More than 25 million people follow her on social media thanks to her active presence. Amanda posts some pretty entertaining films and occasionally collaborates with her boyfriend. Look at Amanda’s YouTube channel with 2.71 million subscribers!

Tessa Brooks:

Tessa Brooks is a particularly talented dancer. Tessa has been dancing since she was two and is skilled in a variety of dance styles. She has performed on a number of occasions, including the Miss California Pageant and Disney’s Next Big Thing. She worked as a print model for Coca-Cola and Sketchers. Tessa regularly posts exercise and vlog videos to her 3.36 million+ subscribers on YouTube.

Alissa Violet:

When Vine was first becoming popular, Alissa Violet gained some notoriety with it. After joining Jake Paul’s “Team 10,” she made a seamless move from Vine to YouTube and was on her way to a more established career. Violet is a well-known model, and her YouTube vlogging channel has close to 3.65 million subscribers.

Loren Gray:

With more than 46M TikTok followers, Loren Gray is a celebrity musician. She signed up for in 2015 and quickly grew her fan following. She has record deals with Virgin Records and Capitol Records as a musician. Her music videos for her hits are highly successful on YouTube; the music video for “Queen” has over 15 million views. Gray collaborated with Taylor Swift in 2022 as a featured artist on “The Man.” Loren has 3.75 million followers on her YouTube channel.

Loren Gray was featured in Seventeen and Teen Vogue. In 2016, she received nominations for honors at the VMAs, Teen Choice Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. She has more than 3.4 million YouTube subscribers and more than 16 million Instagram followers. On social media, she also goes by the name Loren Beech.


Imane Anys, sometimes known as Pokimane, is a well-known Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. Pokimane primarily streams Fortnite matches, but she also frequently uploads movies and vlogs about gaming. Anys has a second YouTube account where she posts ASMR videos, and unexpectedly, she has done well there as well. Imane has got more than 6.5 Million followers on her sexy YouTube channel.

Twitch has a direct partnership with Imane as one of the more well-known streamers on the network. She was chosen by Twitch in July 2018 as one of 15 ambassadors for the upcoming TwitchCon convention. One of Twitch’s partners that headlines the event’s programming is a TwitchCon Ambassador. Later on, in the same month, Twitch scheduled Imane to participate with them in their Twitch Creator Camp, a set of broadcasts and articles meant to assist content creators in establishing lucrative channels. Imane is the ninth most followed user on Twitch, according to SocialBlade, a website that analyses social media statistics, with over 9.2 million followers.


One of her videos went viral in 2007, when the idea of a viral video was still quite new, garnering millions of views and international attention. She unboxes and reviews electronic gadgets like smartphones and cameras on her tech-focused YouTube channel. Additionally, Justine enjoys cooking a lot and frequently posts videos on how to prepare various foods. She has performed numerous acting parts outside of YouTube, including “Vampire Diaries” and other programs. Overall, online superstar Justine Ezarik is lively.

Justine has got over 7 million followers on YouTube. Justine produced a video titled 300-page iPhone bill on 14th  August 2007, not long after the iPhone 2G was introduced, in which she read through an AT&T phone bill—the only carrier for the iPhone 2G—that had been delivered to her. It gained a lot of attention and maybe contributed to her current large fan base.

Bethany Mota:

YouTube celebrity Bethany Mota is well-known; she founded the platform in 2009. The founder of fashion hauling and owner of a clothesline is Mota. With more than 9.59 million members as of now, she even spoke with former president Barack Obama in 2015. With her large following, Bethany Mota frequently arranges meet-ups and other participatory activities.

Bethany secured a contract with the YouTube network “Awesomeness TV” in 2012, appearing on the conversation show “IMO” (In My Opinion). Since then, she has developed her own clothing and accessory collection for Aéropostale. To meet and interact with her “motivators,” or supporters, she has embarked on a tour called “The Motivator.” In 2014, she debuted her very own perfume on July 28. She is the most popular beauty expert on YouTube, followed by Michelle Phan, with over 10 million subscribers. She also appears on television, including an episode of “Home and Family” with Kelly and Michael. She appeared on episode 19 of Dancing with the Stars as well, finishing fourth overall.

Zoe Sugg:

Over 10 million subscribers to Zoella and MoreZoella, 2 YouTube channels run by the one only famous Zoe Sugg. The first one to launch in 2009 was Zoella. English vlogger and online celebrity Zoe Sugg specializes in beauty, fashion, and more. She is well known on YouTube as Zoella among her followers and viewers. She keeps a blog as well. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Zoe also appeared as an extra.

Zoe Sugg had discussed beauty advice, fashion, reviews, and much more here. Another new one was Zoella, with who she shared videos of her partner and her partner and her weird escapades. She gained success and love due to the funkiness of her accent, her videos, and her posting of unique kind of contents.


AzzyLand is a YouTube channel where you can see a little bit of everything, similar to the majority of the other YouTubers on this list. This is a huge benefit of following these attractive YouTubers because they are available for everything. Azra Bajrami, a Canadian YouTuber with more than 13.5 million subscribers, is the person behind AzzyLand. She was even included in the top YouTube channels list. Azzy is pretty cool in her videos, and the ones where she answers incredibly strange questions from her fans are the most fascinating.

Azra had a successful cosplay career prior to beginning Azra Bajrami’s career as a YouTuber. Azra liked to dress erself up as well-known characters and was frequently invited to appear at international cosplay events. She used to go to trips a lot due to her seductive cosplay outfits, which brought her international notoriety. Azra was given the chance to co-host a popular YouTube show called “Before They Were Famous” and to appear on one of the most well-known YouTube channels as a result of her undeniable fame as a female cosplayer. She acquired a passion and love for the YouTube while shooting for another show as a co-host, so she started AzzyLand, one of the most famous channels.


Social media celebrity from Venezuela living in the US, Lele began her career on Vine. She went to YouTube after Vine’s business was shut down. She has become one of the most popular online celebrities right now because of her continued success. Her Instagram following has surpassed the unbelievable 40 million, and her YouTube channel is more than 17.7 million subscribers. Her YouTube page offers access to her podcasts, and she also frequently posts vlogs.

Lele’s love for music blossomed after she immigrated to Canada in 2017, and in 2019 she made the decision to start concentrating on her musical career. She then launched a new YouTube channel with the name Lele and requested that YouTube verify it as an official artist channel. On this channel, Lele only publishes music-related videos, including covers, original songs, reactions, and musical challenges. Although the majority of the videos are in English, several tracks are in Brazilian Portuguese.


Early in 2011, Alia launched her YouTube career by posting brief vlogs on the sexysexysniper channel. The channel gathered 50,000 members, but two years later, on 19th January, 2013, she created a new channel and removed the old one sometime in the middle of 2013, probably due to the name. Since early 2017, she has uploaded a large number of TikTok and reaction videos along with sporadic gaming and challenges. She began unswervingly appearing on the Trending Page in 2020, which greatly increased her fame.

Super awesome YouTuber SSSniperWolf has more than 32.5 million subscribers. She is mostly a gamer, and the name of her channel is inspired by a video game character. Since she launched her channel, this young YouTube star has been dominating the site. This young lady, Alia originally known as Alia Shelesh, is true of British, Greek, and Turkish descent. SniperWolf covers a wide range of topics in addition to video games, such as funny videos, response videos, puzzles, lifehacks,and much more.

Finding out which female YouTubers and YouTube gamers have the most subscribers is interesting, isn’t it? For us, compiling the list of all of these popular, successful, and charming female YouTube gamers has been a delightful experience. This article is meant to challenge stereotypes and encourage you to start following these skilled and intelligent women and learning about their gaming and editing abilities. You might even be motivated by these women to launch your own gaming channel!

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