Top 5 Games to Play Online

The gaming industry changed massively with the introduction of the internet at the turn of the 21st Century, opening up all manner of gaming worlds for the PC, console, and smartphone. Gaming is now considered to be the most popular form of home entertainment, with millions of people across the globe regularly playing games of some form or another. 

If your last experience of playing games online involved playing on a social networking platform, you’re seriously overdue an upgrade! Online games in 2021, even the ones that are free to play, incorporate cutting edge technology with exciting gameplay to keep players of all experiences levels engaged. 

Here are five of the best online gaming genres to try today. 


Massively Multiplayer Online Games, aka MMOGs, are an incredibly popular online gaming genre that connect players from all over the world at the same time. Unlike the single-player mode that is still predominant in many of today’s games, MMOGs open up new levels of interaction amongst the gaming community, allowing hundreds of gamers to work collaboratively or compete against each other to up the ante. 

There are also various different types of MMOGs available to play online, from RPGs (role-playing games) to puzzle games and action-themed adventure games. 

Online Poker

Another gaming genre that has risen in popularity in recent years is online poker. This challenging game of skill has become widely available thanks to the introduction of online gaming platforms and poker resources.

Poker is now considered to be a mindsport and the brain-boosting benefits of playing it as a leisure activity have been widely reported. Online poker is a lot more accessible than traditional live poker and is completely beginner-friendly too. 

Another great aspect of playing poker online is that you can learn and play all sorts of interesting variants. Rather than just playing Texas Hold’em all the time, it’s possible to access resources that will teach you how to play Omaha poker, for example. There are even high level online poker tournaments open to the most skilled players, many of which are entered by top-level pros. 

First Person Shooters

A popular console and PC gaming genre, first-person shooters (FPS) are a classic gaming genre. Pioneered by titles like Counter-Strike, FPS games are a test of skill, strategy, and concentration.

As the name suggests they’re predominately combat-based games, although today’s versions incorporate various elements from other gaming genres such as multi-player features and even 3D effects. Online versions of FPS gamers are carried out in real-time, so you feel like you’re really playing in the game itself.

Battle Royale

One of the most exciting gaming genres to emerge in recent years thanks to the development of online gaming is the battle royale genre. These games are a blend of combat, strategy and survival, and MMO games – you may have heard of one of the most ubiquitous, Fortnite, somewhere online.

The aim of a battle royale game is to be the last man standing, so you can expect plenty of melee fighting action, nail-biting survival and tons of community engagement and interaction. As you can imagine, battle royalegames are very compelling to play, so be prepared for them to take over your leisure time if you get started on one.

Board Games

And finally, another gaming genre worth checking out online is the humble board game. Board games may well be traditional, but their longevity is a testament to the fact that they’re by no means boring! The integration of online gaming technology with classics like Scrabble and Monopoly has turned the board game into a fully-realised digital gaming experience. 

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