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It is no easy feat to try and define the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL. There have been so many greats.

A coach’s place in the history of the game cannot be defined by titles alone. You might be able to define a player by their titles, but for coaches it is much more difficult. You have to look at the whole body of work throughout their career, and factor in every single one of their individual seasons, their performance with each team they coached and their overall contribution to the game.

On this, we are hardly going to forget the coaches who ended up with trophies named after them, or coaches with incredible records.

But, let’s not ruin the surprise, let’s take a look at these amazing coaches and remember that when you look at Fanduels NFL odds, it’s not just about the players, it’s about the man behind them, the coach of it all.

#1. Vince Lombardi.

Although Lombardi’s head coach career was not as long as it could’ve been, Lombardi sure left a big mark on the NFL in a nine season stint as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Lombardi has a record that is second to none, with 5 titles won in a 7-year time period. Not only that, but Lombardi’s Packers were the last team to win 3 consecutive NFL titles, two of these titles were the very first Super Bowl games!

Two was renowned for two key strengths, his ability to motivate his team, and also he was known as a meticulous planner with a Packers team  that were prepared for whatever the opposition could muster. But he was not just a pioneer when it came to the planning of the game. Lombardi also blazed a trail for the future when he became the first head coach to draft an African-American in the 1st Round of the draft.

#2. Bill Belichick.

Career wins placed Bill Belichick at number 3. Belichick’s championship winning pedigree speaks for itself: 9 conference titles and 6 Super Bowl wins. With Belichick in charge, the New England Patriots returned with 19 winning seasons in a row, with 17 straight seasons of making the playoffs, and seventeen division titles.

A skill Belichick had was being a master of picking up free agents while still building highly competitive rosters. Belichick averaged 12 regular season wins during his 20 years with the Patriots.

A winning percentage in the postseason of .721 is a winning percentage that remains the highest of the very best coaches in NFL history.

Under Belichick’s guidance, from 2010 until 2018, the Patriots finished with either number 1 or number 2 seed in the AFC and made 8 consecutive appearances in the AFC Championship Game.

#3.  Don Shula.

Don Shula’s 328 wins in the regular season and 347 wins in total sees Shula boast an all-time record. Shula was a head coach for 33 seasons in the NFL, where he was in charge of an incredible 31 consecutive seasons of winning records. Shula’s Dolphins team of 1972 boasts the only time in NFL history that a team has had a perfect record.

Shula took over a Dolphins team in 1970 which had won only 15 games during the first 4 years since their inception, following a spell at the Colts team that went 13-1  en route to a Super Bowl appearance in 1968,

During his first six season with the Dolphins, Shula boasted a 75-19-1 record, picking up 3 AFC titles and consecutive Super Bowl titles too.

#4. George Halas.

George Halas is in second place on the list of all-time wins. He is the only NFL coach that has managed to win an NFL title in four different decades. After he won his first in 1921, he won his last in  1963. He was a beautiful example of how easy it could be to adapt to an ever-changing climate, like professional football. In all, he was a player from 1920-1929, he won eight NFL titles, while he posted a career record of 318-151-31.

#5. Paul Brown.

Brown started his coaching career winning championships at high school and college levels before he stepped up to join the Cleveland Browns in 1946. Brown brought immediate success to Cleveland, as they won four consecutive All-American Football Conference titles before they joined the NFL in 1950. Despite how they played against better competition, the Browns continued to dominate, winning the NFL title that season, finishing with a record of 12-2. They won consecutive titles in 1954 and 1955 while they became the decade’s premier team!

Brown was a pioneer, and he was a mentor to Bill Walsh, who was his offensive coordinator with Cincinnati before he ran his own successes in San Francisco.

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