Top 5 Tool Equipment That Every Girl Must Own

The harsh truth is that the majority of tools present in the market are geared for men. Men dominate even the construction, repair, and maintenance industry. Unfortunately, women are expected to have almost no knowledge about household maintenance projects. Now is the time to show the world that women are capable of DIY stuff and house repairs. 

The first step to fulfilling that is owning your own set of tools. From a basic hammer to more complex Milwaukee tool kits, you need to start building your arsenal so you can do minor repairs at home. It’s time to handle that wrench or screwdriver without the help of hovering testosterone. Whether you’re living solo or rent with three other girls, having your toolset means you don’t always have to call the handyman. Feel capable and empowered with these top 5 tool equipment every girl must own. 

The Trusty Hammer

Remember Thor’s most favourite equipment? Well, this item is the number one tool you need in your possession. If you ever want to hang anything properly, the hammer is the answer. You also need it to fix any loose nails in your house. Though some girls do get by trying to hammer stuff with an odd material like a rock or the thick heel of a boot, remember that these things do not have a claw that can help your pry off nails. Besides, even a small sturdy hammer is very cheap, so it is worth the investment. 

A No-Nonsense Measuring Tape

If you ever want to hang any frames on your wall, it is time to stop the guesstimate. Instead of trying to eyeball where the middle is, you need a tape measure to accurately pinpoint the spot. It is much more convenient and easy to do with a tool than with your eye that can play tricks on you. Besides, you can use a tape measure for so many things. Measure the space where you want to put prospective furniture. Assess your window size to check if the curtains or any other decorative embellishments will fit. 

The Reliable Wrench

Don’t be stuck in a wretched state and get yourself a wrench. Though there are numerous kinds out there, you need the basic adjustable wrench for many home issues. You can use it to fix any small plumbing issue to tighten those bolts. It can even be used to fix your old dining room chairs with bolts. Save yourself the trouble of spending on a repairman and get a handy wrench. 

A Sharp Screwdriver Set

You need a sharp manual screwdriver to complete small projects like fixing loose door hinges around your home. Keep in mind; these long, sharp objects have different heads. Thus, you must have the most basic such as the flathead and a star screwdriver. However, a fancy kit like the Milwaukee tool kits screwdriver set in different sizes and heads will assure you have the perfect size for any job. 

The Power Drill

Finally, save the best for last: the power drill. You may be wondering why this is necessary when you already have a screwdriver set. Aren’t they the same? Notably, a manual screwdriver works well for replacing that one-off screw or doing some tightening. However, bigger projects require a drill. If you ever bought any affordable furniture from Ikea or Target, most of them will require you to assemble it. 

Aside from power, the drill provides speed, allowing it to work faster and exert less effort. If you intend to build anything or do many DIY projects, a super cool power drill is in order. Even hanging heavier frames and drilling holes for curtains require a drill. It is handy for helping your drive screws in, so you won’t have to do much wrist work with a regular handheld screwdriver. Thus, you need both in your life to show you are no damsel in distress.  

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