Top 5 TV shows from the beginning of 2023

Since the beginning of the year, TV channels and streaming services have already released series for every taste: from Nicolas Winding Refn’s refined tabloid drama Copenhagen Cowboy to the British superhero comedy Extraordinary and from TV star Noel Gordon’s biopic Nolly with Helena Bonham Carter to stylish detective ” Poker face”. It’s easy to find them on thepiratebay proxylist torrent. One of the most significant benefits of torrenting is the ability to share and distribute large files quickly and efficiently. This can be especially useful for sharing software, music, movies, and other types of media that may be too large or cumbersome to transfer through other methods.

“Cowboy from Copenhagen”

For the filming of the second series in his career, Nicolas Winding Refn returned to his native Copenhagen, but the screen shows, of course, not the real Danish capital, but its looking-glass version. Refn is known to suffer from a form of color blindness that makes it impossible to distinguish halftones, so the frame, as in all his latest films, is flooded with contrasting colors. Mostly blue and red, but at the right moments, the action explodes with a rave strobe, which then pleasantly ripples in the eyes for a while. Long static shots give way to long panoramas, Cliff Martinez’s soundtrack humming in the background. The characters speak little and make long thoughtful pauses between a few phrases that move the plot, similar to a superhero blockbuster in a Refn’s way.


The favorite of English housewives, Noel Gordon, played the hostess of a motel in the soap opera Crossroads for 17 years. For ten years in a row (from 1969 to 1979), she was recognized as the most popular TV actress according to TV Times magazine. The three-episode show chronicles the last five years of Nolly’s life (that’s how she preferred to introduce herself) when the management of ITV suddenly decided to fire its main star. The role of Gordon was played by Helena Bonham Carter, for whom this is the first real lead role in years. “Nolly” is her masterpiece, the work is precise, subtle, and infinitely vital.

“The Accused”

The Fox series does not amaze the imagination with the sophistication of the production, but it takes the fact that once a week it gives a full-fledged detective story. This sets the show apart from modern so-called premium series like Your Honor or Play Back, which spend six or more hours on the same thing. With a few bright strokes, “The Accused” gives depth to the plot compressed in time, blurring the unambiguity of assessments. Thriller and horror elements are used (especially in the series about the nurse Rachel Bilson), and in some cases, the real crime turns out to be so monstrous and irreparable that the defendant does not feel any better in the favor of the judge.

“One of us”

The Last of Us is primarily intended for fans of the Playstation 3 game of the same name – this year the first part just turns ten years old. “Last of Us” at one time made a revolution, once again proving that modern games are quite capable of competing with genre films – at least in terms of dramaturgy and the ability to fit into the shoes of a fictional character. Gamers cursed the film adaptation in advance, because they did not believe in a successful casting for the roles of their favorite characters. And in this sense, the series disarmed the haters, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey – an unconditional hit in the top ten.

“Poker face”

Shameless retro-man Rian Johnson quite openly gives up sources of inspiration for “Pokerface” – the first author’s series in his career. First of all, this is “Colombo” with Peter Falk, where at the beginning of each episode the viewer learned all the details of the crime committed and then watched how a pleasant policeman in a wrinkled raincoat uncovers it. In Pokerface, this scheme is improved: after the “overture” with the murder, we find out over and over again that the main character Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) has been hanging around somewhere near the crime scene all the time.

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