Top 6 Popular Casino Actors

You do not let the cards out of your hands, even when watching movies about casinos and gambling? This is a great way to learn from real professionals. What a beautiful and fantastic life these adventurers have. Their thick wallets full of yesterday’s casino winnings. Luxurious women who leave a mark of their lips on the bones as a sacrifice for good luck. And all this chic can disappear instantly. These guys put their lives on the line more than once and were very close to failure. But fortune loves risky people, so it generously gives them a second chance. Especially if all of this is happening in a movie. If you are not destined to hit the jackpot, then at least learn some tricks from your favorite film characters. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to use them in a land-based or in an online casino.

In order to fully enjoy a gambling movie about a casino, you need to know the actors who play perfectly in movies about a casino and convey all the emotions. Those people put in maximum effort to convey the ideas and deep meanings we love so much. In order to learn a bit more about the faces behind our favorite characters, the top experts from LeafletCasino, who have recently reviewed the top legal online casinos in Canada,  have put together this list. Therefore, in this article, we present to you the top 6 popular casino actors in gambling movies.

Robert De Niro

Robert is a famous American actor and producer. He is an Oscar winner  and an owner of several Golden Globe awards. According to many film critics, De Niro became famous overnight. After the film Taxi Driver‘s release, his photos began appearing in magazines more and more often. The actor is best known for his movies Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, and The Godfather. But the 1995 film Casino brought him worldwide fame.


This film is known to all casino lovers. In it, Robert De Niro perfectly portrays Sam Rothstein. The actor conveyed all the necessary emotions of excitement and the game in general. No one can compare to the rich character of Sam Rothstein. No one knows how to make money like him, and how to work as selflessly and accurately as Sam. For his undeniable merits, he received the nickname “Ace.” And that is why the mafia bosses decided to send Ace to run a vast luxury casino in Las Vegas.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is probably one of the most internationally known actors. Brad’s brilliant performance in the leading roles has brought this fame. Some believe that he is more famous for his looks, but it would be unfair not to consider his excellent acting skills. During his career, he won several awards, including a Golden Globe and an Oscar. He starred in many films. His most famous films about casinos are the “Ocean’s trilogy” and the film “Killing them softly”. The last one tells about the robbery of a gambling establishment.

Ocean’s Trilogy

The trilogy has a star cast. In all three parts of the film, Pitt plays a person who helps the main character. His job is to take care of the logistical side of the heist. He plays a clever planner and fulfills this role perfectly.

Killing Them Softly

In this film about a casino, shot in 2012, he plays a bandit named Jackie Cogan. He was assigned to find and kill three crooks who were not intelligent. These crooks robbed a card game that was protected by the mafia. It caused the collapse of the local criminal economy.

Julia Roberts

Julia is a highly talented actress. She used to be considered the highest-paid actress of her time at some point of her career. She appears in such casino films as Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve.

Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve

In both films, Julia plays Danny Ocean‘s ex-wife. She is an art gallery curator that unwittingly takes part in the robbery. The film ends with her reconciling with her ex-husband after realizing he still loves her.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is a famous man who starred in 2 films about casinos: the films are called Casino Jack and 21. In Casino Jack Kevin plays a lawyer who gets into many bad situations because he wants to get rich quickly.


This film is considered one of the best casino movies in the world. This is an exciting film based on real stories about the Institute of Technology students. They are trying to win at a casino using their mathematical skills. In case you are interested in doing the same, read the reviews and choose the most trustworthy Classic Casino Canada online, where the rich games selection and maximum security will provide you with some quality gambling experience.

George Clooney

Aside from his outstanding acting abilities he is considered one of the most beautiful men on the planet. George starred in three casino blockbusters. All three films are the Ocean trilogy.

Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen

The film tells about a group of criminals who plan to rob three Las Vegas casinos. The film became very popular and made George the top Hollywood star.

The Ocean’s Twelve movie is the continuation of the story of the previous one. The plot is based on the fact that Clooney’s character Danny hires one more accomplice to carry out three more casino robberies and outwit the casino operator.

In the latest movie, “Ocean’s Thirteen,” George Clooney, of course, plays the same character Danny Ocean. He wants to organize a robbery of a new famous casino in Vegas with his guys. At the end of the film, they successfully fulfill their plan.

Cameron Diaz

She is considered one of the most successful Hollywood actresses of her generation who is also known for her perfect looks. Cameron is a tall, blue-eyed gorgeous blonde. She starred in three casino films: Very Bad Things (1998), Lucky You (2007), and What Happens in Vegas (2008).

Very Bad Things

In the film, Cameron plays the fiancée of a character whose name is Kyle Fisher. Kyle has three friends, and they are going to travel together for a pre-wedding party. But an unexpected event happens there. They accidentally kill a hired stripper. Later in the plot, the boys try to deal with the situation, but get into even worse trouble.

Lucky You

In this film, Cameron plays a singer named Billie, who has a complicated relationship with a boy named Huck. This guy is a fan of different types of poker and gambling. The film’s plot is built around the fact that Huck wants to become a successful poker player and, at the same time, make his relationships balanced.

What Happens in Vegas

This comedy was presented in every cinema in 2008. Diaz plays a character whose name is Joy McNally. She marries a playboy named Jack Fuller. They are on vacation, and they realize their marriage was a mistake. But they must try to balance it after the judge turns them down. After all, there is a big jackpot at stake.


Casino movies have been and will be some of the most popular movies among people of all ages. Such films show the rich and luxurious life of those who play in casinos. It is exciting to watch such movies when talented actors in casino movies successfully convey emotions of excitement and feelings from the playing. Films with such talented stars fascinate and inspire to watch them again and again. This inspiration might even bring more players to land-based or online casinos.

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