Top Advice on how to write a flawless essay conclusion

Do you want your essay to stand out? Do you want it to score great marks? Then make sure your final paragraph is impressive. However, how do you do that? The recipe is pretty simple. Just follow the tips we have jotted down and leave your teacher in awe.

Writing a Flawless Conclusion

Most students don’t pay much attention to the last paragraph of their paper. They wrap up their piece in a few sentences that are already written in the body or intro. It is because they don’t exactly know what the conclusion means.  If you’re one of them, here are seven crucial pieces of advice to make assignments exceptional.

Make sure you don’t repeat your introduction

Many students make the mistake of repeating their introductory sentences at the end of their paper. It should be evident that there is no point in repeating the same information over again. Remember, the last part is not a rehash of your introduction. You can include your key argument and sum up the paper with some interesting words. If you can’t seem to come up with something unique, paraphrase the central idea that also indicates your position.

You’re probably thinking, why would I copy-paste the introduction. However, believe it or not, many students end up rephrasing their introduction. Doing something like that isn’t much different from copying pasting. So, make sure you don’t do that. However, if you still feel stuck, do not worry! is all you need in your life. Their professional writers make sure your paper is unique and compelling with no plagiarism at all. You may seek help from them if you no longer seem to manage writing by yourself.

Don’t add new content

Your conclusion paragraph is not a mere recap of what you have already established; it has to leave more solid reasoning to your existing argument. No new additions should be made to the final paragraph. Make sure you don’t end up creating new content in it. Just reflect on your prior argument to strengthen its advocacy.

Students often get confused about the ending paragraph. So, here is what exactly you need to do:

Make a sales pitch.

You aim to persuade the reader, and the conclusion is your last chance to do so.

This part should be rhetorical; use great language to deliver your message one last time effectively.

Grab the attention.

Use persuasive speech at this moment.

Wisely figure out your vocabulary.

Your conclusion should have the ability to reverse the outlook of the reviewer on the topic.

Don’t simply summarize your body paragraphs.

You may make your essay conclusion as a recap of your body, but it’s not. Don’t make the mistake of concluding your paper by writing a concise summary of your arguments presented in the body. This kind of conclusion works well in longer essays where you’ve presented a series of arguments. However, in the shorter essay, rehashing things you have already said is redundant. Doing so doesn’t fulfill any persuasive or rhetorical function. It simply eats up your valuable word count. You may also look for some essay conclusion examples online to have a clear idea.

Give a broader meaning

The conclusion means you are ending up in the proceedings. Your overall presentation of thoughts needs the last nail in the coffin. Make sure you give a broader outlook.  A mediocre end to your thoughtful piece won’t get you good marks. Your aim should be to leave the reader with a strikingly factious reason to support your central argument. Magnify your thesis with an impactful speech. Make it easy for the reviewer to get convinced with your idea. This paragraph requires skillful execution of words into meaning that persuades the reviewer to get on your bandwagon. Remember, the conclusion is the last hotspot where you convert the reader’s mind. Design this paragraph in a way that effectively serves the purpose of your paper. Your purpose is to persuade the reviewer and bring them on the same wavelength as yours. Show them a larger picture, create an impact on their conscience.

Start narrow, then expand

Are you scratching your head? Wondering how to start a conclusion in an essay? Think of it as a triangle. Start your last paragraph with your thesis statement. However, make sure you don’t copy-paste it. All you need is to write a sentence that indicates your thesis statement. Then build-out, and make sure your position is clear. You may give your opinion clearly in conclusion, depending on the type of essay you’re writing. Also, if it is a problem/solution essay, you may add recommendations too.

Leave the reader with something to ponder over

When concluding your final paragraph, ensure to add some food for thought. Wondering how to end an essay as a clincher? Here some examples of phrases to conclude an essay:

  • No matter how much technology advances, robots will never be able to replace humans completely. After all, who would like to have a vacation or heart-to-heart talk with a robot?
  • Even though many of us are aware of these solutions to reverse climate change, only a few take action. Imagine that if all of us would start making small changes in our lifestyle to protect the environment, how happy the planet will be.

Sentences like these would leave your reader imagining the entire scenario. Hence, a conclusion like this has the power to leave an impression on the reader. After all, not only first impressions matter, the last ones matter too.

Let’s pull it all together

Make your reader believe what they just read was authentic. Include a proactive insight or statement from the existing research you shared in the essay. Propose a solution, a course of action, or raise a question in their mind. Show your reader how you mentioned in your essay are now making sense in your concluding remarks. Ponder on some powerful examples from the study you addressed in the essay.

  • Convince the reviewer that all the examples, studies, notions you used fit together perfectly. Try to influence them one last time.
  • Your paper’s success entirely depends upon what last thought the reviewer took from the essay to ponder further.

By now, you’re trained to write a high-scoring conclusion that can leave an impact on your teacher. Make notes and keep the tips mentioned above in mind when you write a conclusion. Just remember, your conclusion should be a sales pitch to win the reader’s nod in your favor.

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