Trending Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly types of tattoos are usually at the top of the list of choices women make when they decide to get a tattoo. A butterfly tattoo normally symbolizes a change in life, a sense of femininity, or newly acquired freedom. Butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures in the world and therefore, they also make beautiful works of art as tattoos.

There are so many designs of butterfly kind of tattoos that you can choose from. It does not matter whether it is a tiny or a big butterfly as long as it best represents your personality and you are happy about it. Here are some trending butterfly tattoo ideas that will spark conversations and grab a lot of attention from you.

  1. Blue Butterfly

A blue butterfly is not only a sample of beauty and simplicity but also stands for good fortune and newfound joy. Blue butterfly tattoo looks beautiful, fashionable, attractive, and feminine making them a nice tattoo option for women.

  1. Monarch Butterfly

These tattoos are increasingly becoming popular, and they are used to symbolize strength, change, and persistence. A monarch butterfly symbolizes majesty and beauty.

Monarch tattoos are always in fashion as they are eye-catching and get a lot of praise for their beauty.

You can achieve this tattoo by having your artist use strong lines and bold colors to ink the butterfly artwork on any part of the body that you like.

  1. Tiny Butterfly

Small butterflies inked as tattoos on any part of your body look cute, delicate, and simple. A small butterfly tattoo on a woman looks beautiful and symbolic on the skin. Small tattoos can range from complicated butterfly designs to simple lines of art.

  1. Hand Butterfly

A butterfly hand tattoo on a woman’s hand looks beautiful and can be worn in either huge or simple designs.

A tattoo on your hand is not easy to hide, and it is, therefore a good option if you want to get a lot of attention to your tattoo.  A butterfly hand tattoo is a perfect way of showing off your tattoo to the world. Either a small or a big butterfly on the top of your hand will fit perfectly and will look beautiful.

  1. Wrist Butterfly

The wrist is a distinctive and versatile part of the body to ink butterfly art. Wrist tattoos are popular because they are cute and subtle. It is good to have a small tattoo on the wrist because you might experience some more pain as a result of the several nerve endings.

  1. Neck Butterfly

This tattoo is a good option if you are ready to bear a little pain and get a tattoo on one of the most noticeable parts of the body.

It is a great option to ink the butterfly on the side or the back of the neck for a much better appearance. The tattoo looks beautiful and is worth the extra pain to be endured during the process.

  1. Behind-the-Ear Butterfly

This tattoo idea is very beautiful and looks awesome and outstanding due to the location of the body. The location is discreet, and there is nothing as cute as a butterfly tattoo on the back of the ear.

  1. Back Butterfly

The back is a huge body part and therefore has a great surface area to tattoo the greatest and most unique tattoos artworks.

The back is also wide and flat which allows more space to design any tattoo idea you may want.  You can tattoo even the widest tattoos idea, and they will look cute and stunning due to the huge surface area.

  1. Rose and Butterfly

Combining a rose and a butterfly artwork for a tattoo is a great form of creativity. It represents love, change, and passion and, at the same time, is a great way to show femininity.

The rose butterfly designs are not only cute but are also traditional and timeless. The design is very fashionable, beautiful, and bold, which makes it an iconic design.

  1. Simple Butterfly

It is created by inking simple lines to make a butterfly which is used to symbolize simplicity and beauty. A simple butterfly tattoo is small, delicate, and beautiful.

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