Trisha Paytas criticized for rabbit fur furnishings in deleted footage, Details of the controversies discussed!

A few days ago, Trisha Paytas was the target of criticism, which was warranted in this case. They showed off their brand-new dining room on camera with their fiance, Moses Hacmon. They claim that Hacmon created the Beetlejuice-themed dining room they had always desired for Paytas. But word quickly spread that the chair upholstery was made from rabbit fur. After this, people started criticizing Paytas and Hacmon on the web. The YouTuber unfollowed Dakota Paytas and sent her a long direct message (DM) after the superfan called them out. Paytas is making things even more difficult.

Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon unveiled dining room furnishings on Halloween

The pair announced their dining room was finished while costumed as Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. They gave the fans a sneak peek at the inside design in a video. Trisha Paytas said they had always desired a space decorated in a Beetlejuice style. Simultaneously, they wanted to honour Tim Burton. As a result, Hacmon made the place aesthetically pleasing for them. Eventually, the pair started talking about the chairs, and Hacmon said that actual rabbit fur was utilized for the backs. To put it mildly, Paytas’s request to say this was embarrassing. Anger was voiced soon after the video was released. As a result, the pair decided to remove the reference to rabbit hair from the film’s final cut.

Dakota Paytas response to the controversial video

Fans who called Trisha Paytas out for using chairs covered in rabbit fur have caused her to stop following them. Dakota Paytas, a fan of Trisha and Moses Hacmon, has voiced her dismay at the criticism they’ve received. She addressed rabbit hair in a video and stated, “I’m shaking, but I have to record this.” I first noticed that the rabbits on the chairs’ backs looked very like my little rabbit, who serves as my emotional support bunny in Florida. Get rid of those seats, please. She said I’m not trying to start a fight or anything, but this is just wrong. I feel obligated to advocate for my core values. Since I feel so strongly about this, I would not be a loyal fan if I remained silent. And that ain’t it, Trisha Paytas!

Trisha Paytas unfollowed the fan on social media

They became upset when one of their fans publicly called out Trisha Paytas. Dakota Paytas’ video made them reply, even though they ignored the outrage and shut off comments. Paytas sent a heartfelt apology to their fan through a direct message. The truth is that I’m not flawless and can’t win over everyone. Because it was so offensive, I had to make some changes. However, after seeing your TikToks expressing your disgust with me, it’s probably better if we don’t follow one other. No matter how many people Trisha Paytas unfollows or how many comments they disable, the truth will always find them. The very least they can do is finally acknowledge they were wrong. However, Paytas is not the kind of acting in such a way.

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