Twitch star Adrianah Lee’s drunken encounter with Slick divides the Internet, Details discussed

Adrianah Lee, a popular Twitch broadcaster, recently spoke about a disturbing event last year during Novaruu’s party, in which CrazySlick repeatedly touched her to see whether she was still alive. Adrianah Lee, a popular Twitch broadcaster, recently went public on Twitter to discuss a fight she had with fellow Twitch streamer CrazySlick at a party at the beginning of 2018. On July 6th, she went to Twitter to describe how CrazySlick made her feel uneasy by following her while she was drunk and sexually touching her. According to her friends and other witnesses, this claimed event occurred during Novaruu’s 21st birthday celebration on January 19 of last year.

Adrianah Lee reveals CrazySlick’s drunken incident

Adrianah claims that she became very drunk and passed out as a result. Several witnesses’ statements served as the foundation for her story. She said that CrazySlick would follow her and her friends around and attempt to kiss her after she had a legal hookup with her closest friend Ena and another close friend at the time. She said that they did end up making out but that she passed out in one of the party rooms shortly after that. She continued by adding that CrazySlick would come into the room often and touch her neck and chest, claiming he was merely checking to see whether she was still alive.

Despite her friends’ reassurances that everything was OK and their requests that she leave the room, she persisted. She continued by saying that she doubted his good intentions and was uneasy about his behaviour. Adrianah eventually admitted that she had been sexually exploited in the past; the experience had left a lasting scar on her, but she had been too ashamed to discuss it at the time. Novaruu, who wasn’t even in the room to assist or watch what occurred, ended up talking about it on her stream, Adrianah added. She argued that Novaruu had no business discussing her past pain on Novaruu’s broadcast and implied that Novatura was seeking to maintain her prominence by self-righteous posturing.

Adrianah Lee receives an apology from CrazySlick

CrazySlick tweeted “I’m sorry” an hour after the first tweet. CrazySlick tweeted his apologies to Adrianah and her pals for making them feel awkward and for having to put up with him earlier that evening. He was intoxicated and nervous, but he only wanted to check her pulse out of concern. He said he’d gone too far and shouldn’t have left her with her pals.

He went on to say that he felt terrible about what he had done and that he hoped she would forgive him. Over a year after the event, Adrianah still hasn’t spoken about what happened. Unacceptable as CrazySlick’s actions are, we can only pray they are never repeated. Despite CrazySlick’s assurances of his alleged goodness, we’re happy that the situation hasn’t worsened. Everyone who has ever been a victim of sexual assault, in whatever form it may have taken, is encouraged to come out and get the treatment they need.

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