Twitter reveals Hitman Holla controversy video, Video viral on social media

Following its upload on the internet, the video of American rapper Hitman Holla kissing the woman he is romantically involved with, Cinnamon, has received massive attention. Several individuals claiming to be the rapper’s good friends have said that he shared a shocking story on Snapchat. One of his friends decided to film the occurrence on tape later on, and after doing so, he shared the footage with his other friends. The internet has gone absolutely bonkers over a video that allegedly shows the two engaging in sexual activity together.

Who is Hitman Holla & Cinnamon?

Hitman Holla, also known as Gerald Fulton Jr., is a rapper from the SMACK/URL rap culture. He is 33 years old. He is most recognized by his stage name, which he uses professionally. His performances on this program, which aired from the sixth season all the way through the sixteenth season, were very important in his rise to fame and the recognition that came with it. Fight Klub and Battle America cast the native of St. Louis in their respective competitions. Cinnamon is a successful entrepreneur and a well-known figure in the local community, in addition to the fact that she is his girlfriend.

The Hitman Holla Scandal Viral Video

He shared a video of him and his girlfriend making out on their respective Snapchat accounts. Through Snapchat, he exclusively communicates with the closest of his friends and family members. Because of this, the video was likely stolen by one of these people, which would explain why it has such a large number of views despite the fact that it has only been shown to a small circle of close friends.

Because of this, their closeness can be seen in the video, which has stirred up rage among people all over the internet. Additionally, he said that he was unaware that the films he had shown to his Close Friends on Instagram would be recorded and made available to the general public after he had shown them to them. After the performance of the rapper in front of his “close buddies” was recorded, it was uploaded to several other social media networks. As a direct result of this, the video has received a significant number of views.

Hitman Holla Video explained

They have both been forced back into the public eye because of Jazzywthetea, which took place exactly one month after the incident in which they were both involved. A member of the social networking site Twitter published a video of Hitman and his girlfriend on their account on the platform. Internet users want to know who leaked the information and why. An artist’s private moment became the most embarrassing event of their life because of social media and the internet. The video has been published, and some fans are unhappy with the narrative. After seeing the film, several individuals posted memes online. Everyone knows that these two are in a bad position.

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