Twitter users were outraged when a video surfaced showing 42 Dugg licking his son’s neck when he was just three years old

Recently, Converse and fashion designer Rick Owens worked together to make a new “Satan Shoes” line that is only sold at Converse stores. With Owen’s business, DRKSHDW, the very limited-edition sneakers, went on sale earlier this week.

The most recent TURBODRK Chuck 70 shoes come in many different styles, but they all have the same design element: the Pentagram. Instead of the familiar Chuck Taylor star, the new collection of shoes from Converse has a symbol of the Pentagram. As part of the celebrations for the shoes’ official release, the shoe giant shared a video with two models wearing masks. The models move in a way that looks like the sign for a pentagram, and they are all dressed in black.

People often think of the Pentagram as a sign of evil because it looks like a five-pointed star. Throughout history, many Christians have said that this icon shows the five wounds that Jesus got.

Converse’s shoes with a Satan theme are a great match for the logo, which is also a great fit for the shoes. The company that makes the shoes said that their design is meant to break traditions. On the other hand, online community members had nothing good to say about the effort. Several people on social media said they didn’t like the shoes with the Satanic symbol and called out Converse and Rick Owen for making them. On Twitter, people have different opinions about the Converse x Rick Owens shoes based on Satan.

People are talking about the limited edition Converse and Rick Owen Satan sneakers all over the internet. The DRKSHDW collection, of which the TURBODRK shoes are a part, tries to add “glam-rock and grunge” elements to the company’s many products. In a post on Converse’s official Instagram account, the designer talked about the controversial use of the Pentagram symbol in the shoes, saying, It’s a symbol of evil And a way to organise thoughts and structures.

He talked more about the sign’s modern meaning and his ideas about what it stands for:

With all the meanings the Pentagram has today, I like that it refers to a different system. This shows that you are both open and caring. It’s about wanting to find pleasure and be on the lookout for new experiences. But one of the most important things it means is to have empathy and think about ways of living that aren’t always the norm. But reports say that the goth artist failed to convince most internet customers.

Many people on the internet used Twitter to criticise Converse and the designer for putting devilish images and themes into the company’s shoes. A lot of customers who felt wronged by Converse’s latest change have decided to “cancel” their accounts. And now, the artist finds himself at the centre of yet another controversy after releasing what many people believe to be an improper video with his kid, who is three years old. The video sparked widespread indignation throughout social media, and several individuals flocked to Twitter to express their disgust with the artist.

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