Venus Morris Griffin’s abuse allegation gets viral Augusta realtor’s story of her husband’s double life goes viral

Venus Morris Griffin, an award-winning real estate salesperson, is said to have been married to a man named John Evangle Morris III of Augusta, Georgia. Venus Morris is a national author, award-winning real estate agent, and motivational speaker from Augusta, Georgia. She is also a single mother of seven. She spent her life in a house in the south. According to her, it never really seemed like a home to her. Since she disclosed his identity, many people have been curious about her ex-husband, John. They say her husband or wife is in a South Carolina prison. Let’s read this piece to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his arrest and get a feel for what he says about him.

Who is Venus Morris Griffin?

Augusta, Georgia-based motivational speaker and author Venus Morris Griffin work as a real estate agent. She has her own podcast, “Life beyond Abuse with Venus Morris Griffin,” which is available on iTunes. The real estate agent oversees a scholarship program with the same name, which helps children whose parents are in prison. She attended the University of South Carolina, where she met the protagonist of her novel, Tripp Morris, whom she later divorced.

Why is everyone talking about Venus on social media?

Venus met her future husband, Tripp Morris, at the University of Southern California. Venus published descriptions of her life on the blog and website Humans of New York in March of 2022. She described, in a narrative broken up into 13 sections, how she first became acquainted with her now-ex-husband and the events that ultimately led to the dissolution of their marriage and their life together.

A prostitute who was having an affair with Tripp called the author sometime in 2011. ‘Venus, you don’t know me,’ the prostitute cried out. But I’m phoning to let you know that your spouse is a horrible human being. After hearing Venus’s account of what had happened, I woke up our eldest son, John. I told him, “Your dad’s been leading a double life, so I need to go fast and meet someone. Please be the babysitter.

It was recounted by the inspirational speaker, Tripp, she said, had been sleeping with prostitutes for a long time. Everything we had was gone; they’d grabbed all our cash. They had all run up huge debts on the credit cards he had issued them. She detailed this kind of guy who suddenly becomes a murderer. And then, I did not doubt that she was being honest.

Will Venus be publishing a book soon?

In 2022, Venus moved on from her marriage to Tripp and married Augusta, Georgia-based business tycoon and president Hank Griffin. Venus has seven children from a previous marriage. Venus spends her time between picking scholarship recipients and closing real estate deals plotting the release of her first novel. Her ex-husband is now in prison for 45 years. She has told her fans that she is still working on the specifics with her Hollywood agency. Therefore the title is not yet available.

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