Vinnie Hacker earns hearts online after consoling Deji post-fight, Details of the match explored!

In the third round of their boxing bout for the Battle of the Platforms, Team TikTok’s Vinnie Hacker defeated YouTuber Deji Olatunji and knocked him out. The “Battle of the Platforms,” consisting of seven bouts, culminated with Austin McBroom prevailing over Bryce Hall to win the main event. Despite this, Deji remained the betting favourite to win the fight against Hacker, who had never been in a fight before. Olajide “KSI” William Olatunji, a popular YouTuber, has a sibling who goes by the moniker Deji, and Deji has competed against Jake Paul in the past. After Deji’s surprising response to the loss, Vinnie Hacker consoled him over the phone and offered his support.

Vinnie Hacker wins over new followers by comforting an overwhelmed Deji

In August of 2018, Deji was involved in a violent altercation with the YouTuber Jake Paul. The fight between Deji Paul and Jake Paul served as the co-main event for his brother KSI’s white-collar fight against Logan Paul. In any event, they predicted Deji to be in better shape than Vinnie Hacker. However, that did not occur as the 19-year-old internet phenomenon known for his videos on TikTok won his first match through technical knockout in the third round.

As a result of coronavirus restrictions, Deji was required to stay in Mexico for a period of two weeks. Deji’s fans were concerned that this may have an effect on how well he was prepared for the competition as a whole. In any event, Deji displayed excessive enthusiasm after the battle, prompting Vinnie Hacker to soothe his opponent personally. After what seemed like an endless discussion, Hacker and Deji finally parted ways by giving each other a bear embrace.

One of the members of the “TikTok” group, underdog Vinnie Hacker, was the only one to come out on top in a fight that evening. Fans, on the other hand, were pleased with how he handled himself after the fight. After some time had passed, and after Deji had tweeted that he was a “failure,” one of his brothers or sisters sent him some words of encouragement. Following the incident on June 12th, several posts on Reddit have been brought to light, and many individuals on Twitter have expressed their opinions over the event.

After the game, it is evident that Vinnie received a lot of good wishes, and his answer seemed to have an effect on a lot of people. Others commented on how out of condition Deji seemed to be, especially in light of his former fitness level during the fight with Jake Paul. After seeing how Vinnie Hacker dealt with the situation on his channel, a lot of people found themselves feeling more compassionate toward the victim. The tweet that came before this one demonstrates that despite the failure, Deji is motivated to “bounce back,” and he confesses that he failed due to the fact that his fitness level was lacking.

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