Vinnie Hacker’s victory against Deji sparks reactions from YouTube and TikTok, Details explored!

Vinnie Hacker, a member of Team TikTok, defeated DejiOlatunji, a member of Team YouTube, in the third round of their boxing bout for the Battle of the Platforms. Austin was proclaimed the winner after a total of seven bouts that took place during the “Battle of the Platforms,” one of which McBroom won by beating Hall. Nevertheless, despite Hacker’s lack of prior combat experience, Deji remained the betting favourite to emerge victorious from the conflict. Olajide “KSI” William Olatunji, a well-known YouTuber, has a sibling named Deji. Deji has competed against Jake Paul in the past. Vinnie Hacker was compelled to phone Deji and offer his sympathies after hearing about his surprising response to the tragedy.

Vinnie Hacker earns new fans by comforting Deji

In August 2018, Deji was involved in a violent altercation with the well-known YouTuber Jake Paul. The fight between Deji Paul and Jake Paul served as the undercard match for his brother KSI’s white-collar fight against Logan Paul. However, they anticipated that Deji would be in far better shape than Vinnie Hacker. However, the 19-year-old internet celebrity who shot to fame because of the videos he posted on TikTok won his first match through technical knockout in the third round.

Because of the laws about the coronavirus, Deji had to stay in Mexico for two weeks. Many of Deji’s supporters were concerned that this might affect the athlete’s preparation for the competition as a whole. After the battle, Deji displayed an excessive amount of enthusiasm, and it was necessary for Vinnie Hacker to calm him down. After what seemed like an endless talk, Hacker and Deji gave each other a bear embrace as they bid their goodbyes.

Despite being the outsider, Vinnie Hacker was the only member of the “TikTok” gang to come out on top in a fight that evening. On the other hand, his fans lauded the way he conducted himself after the game. After Deji tweeted that he was a “failure,” one of his siblings got in touch with him and offered some words of consolation. People have been quite vocal about how they feel about what happened on June 12 on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit ever since the event took place.

Deji receives cruel criticism from his devoted fan base

Following the game’s conclusion, Vinnie was obviously overwhelmed with good wishes, and his answer appeared to connect with many people. The others saw how out of shape Deji was, especially concerning his former fitness level, shown during the fight with Jake Paul. Once seeing Vinnie Hacker’s channel, in which he handled the situation with grace and dignity, people’s reactions toward the victim began to shift after they saw the channel. The tweet that came before this one demonstrates that Deji is determined to “bounce back” despite the setback, and he acknowledges that his failure was due to a lack of fitness on his part.

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