Viral video of a crazy club funeral where the rapper Goonew’s corpse is on stage, Details discussed

Hip-hop artists and fans were taken aback by the news of Goonew’s murder on March 18. A video showing his corpse being set upright at a bar, widely thought to be Bliss Nightclub in Washington, DC, has gone popular on social media two weeks later. Some of the late musician’s most devoted fans have turned to social media to voice their disgust at what has happened. Big Whizzle, better known as Goonew, was shot down in District Heights, Maryland. This is the second gunshot attempt he has dodged in the last two years.

The rapper in the scary video was seen with torn pants with a flames motif, a hoodie that said “AMIRI,” and what looks to be a bedazzled paper crown. Also found on the deceased corpse was a pair of high-top shoes, a necklace, a crown, a watch, and a pair of spectacles. It was said that clubgoers were dancing and reciting poetry around the body while it was on display. People didn’t seem bothered by the sight of Goonew’s dead body being shown on stage, which was surprising.

Internet reactions to Goonew’s corpse at a club

As followers of Stain viewed the clip, there was a palpable sense of dread among them. The fact that he raised his body in the club was deemed insulting by several people who left comments online. There were also statements made by others who believed that having the rapper’s body on show at a club was in poor taste and insulting to the rapper’s family. It is possible that the organisers of the event did not get permission to shoot at that location.

Who is Goonew?

The Maryland rapper became well-known after collaborating with Lil Dude on several successful 2017 singles. He eventually signed with Hoodrich Pablo Juan due to his growing popularity. He released many mixtapes, including Big 64, Goonwick 2, and Hey Auntie. 2019 saw the release of his first studio album, Still Servin. Since then, his listeners have dubbed his music “timeless,” which is a testament to its enduring quality. WUSA9 interviewed the family of the deceased rapper after his passing. I don’t believe it, Patrice Parker Morrow, he said, quoting his mother.

The only thing he cared about was trying to get his family out of the neighbourhood they were living in. They brought me along with him since his heart was greater than his body. Singer IDK was well-known among industry heavyweights like A$AP Ant, Redveil, YungManny, and BBY Goyard. The obituary said that the 24-year-old rapper from Maryland had a talent for smearing time by wording his rhymes slightly ahead of the rhythm, making the present appear weightless and imprecise. This gave his music an air of timeless magic, but to Goonew, it was just another day at the office. As of the publishing of this story, no charges have been filed against the club owners for displaying the corpse.

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