Wall Mount Stainless Steel Shelves: Features and Opportunities

In a professional kitchen, everything you need for cooking should be at hand, and in order to be able to keep order, it is recommended to use wall mounted metal shelving. It is made of stainless steel, which does not deformate or wear out over time, as happens with other materials.

Functions of stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen

Firstly, open hanging shelves for the kitchen provide direct access to the objects placed on them. So, the staff workers of a restaurant, bar or cafe do not have to look for what they need in the lockers, wasting time and making a mess. Secondly, stainless steel wall shelves are quite compact: with their help, you can optimally organize the usable space without reducing the size of the room.

In addition, such metal furniture can fully replace many cabinets, which are large in size. Finally, hanging metal shelves for the kitchen can be placed where it is impossible to install any other equipment, which is confirmed by the owners of restaurant area businesses.

Benefits of stainless steel wall shelves

All presented kitchen equipment, including wall mounted metal shelving, is characterized by the following advantages:

  • hanging shelves for the kitchen and other furniture are made of metals that meet sanitary standards and are recommended for the manufacture of kitchen utensils. For example, food stainless steel AISI 304 or galvanized metal;
  • the manufacturer always provides a guarantee for the strength of such products, so customers can be sure that steel kitchen equipment is reliable and durable;
  • stainless steel, which is used for wall mount shelving production, is moisture and heat resistant, and is also easily cleaned of dirt, so it can be used in any professional kitchen;
  • metal shelves for the kitchen retain their original appearance for a long time, so they will not spoil the exterior of the room;
  • you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of stainless steel kitchen products considering the fact they have a long service life;

Choosing stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen is always a great investment. If you choose and buy them correctly, paying attention to the characteristics of the production material, brand, number of tiers, you will receive an eternal industrial piece of furniture for professional needs.

Wall shelves stainless steel: what is the value and uniqueness of the production material?

Is stainless steel so good as a material for the production of industrial furniture, in particular shelving stainless steel? It’s time to compare the properties of the material and its value in industrial use:

  • Durability and perpetuity. Since stainless steel does not wear, discolor or rust, industrial catering furniture made from this material does not require any cosmetic updates during its entire service life. This is what makes stainless steel timeless to use, literally eternal.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is ideal for kitchen shelves because it repels dirt, allowing you to wipe away odors and work stains with a gentle sponge swipe. Unlike other surfaces, this one is characterized by low absorption; therefore, it does not absorb water, chemicals, or dirt. Finally, the material is resistant to corrosion, easy to maintain, clean and disinfect. This way, wall shelves stainless steel stay as presentable as they were the day you bought them for decades!
  • Optimum hygiene. The chemically dense surface of stainless steel resists the accumulation of harmful microbes. This is extremely important in the arrangement of a production kitchen, where many people work simultaneously with different products, which are a breeding ground for various microorganisms.

Eventually, wall mounted metal shelving is wear-resistant in itself, and besides, it is futuristic and stylish. It has not lost its relevance in the design of domestic and industrial kitchens for many years and will continue to occupy the leading positions on the market!

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