We both need time to heal our broken hearts”: Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau’s breakup leaves fans distraught Details explained

Social media personality Jordyn Jones recently announced on his Instagram that his relationship with Jorden Beau YouTuber, has ended. She gained more popularity after she appeared in Abby’s Ultimate Dance competition and has been interested in dance and singing since she was two years old. Her YouTube channel has more than 1.98 million subscribers, and she will sue to upload more of her music videos and also; she will post vlogs daily. Jordyn and Jordan breaking up news are heartbreaking for many of their fans, and they both were in a relationship for over three years. They both used to post more pictures on their Instagram pages. Jordyn Jones said they both need to heal and, hopefully, at some point in their lives. Many fans are sad after hearing about their breakup news.        

Who is Jordyn Jones?

Jordyn Jones is a famous YouTuber born on March 13, 2000, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There is no information available about Jordyn’s parents’ names and occupations. She did not disclose more information about her personal life to social media. She was brought up in her birthplace Michigan with her family, and she is best known as an actress, dancer, singer, and social media personality. Jordyn will use to perform on many famous stages like the Kids Choices award, MTV Video Music Awards, and the X- Factor. She is 22 years old as of 2022, and she owns a YouTube channel with more than 2 million subscribers and more than 5 million views and likes. On Instagram, she has more than 6.8 million fans and followers, and she will use to post more pictures and videos on it. Jordyn is estimated to have a net worth of $ 4 million as of 2022.   

She was part of the girl group 5 Little Princess and will act in the YouTube Originals film Dance camp. She gained more popularity after participating in Abby’s Ultimate dance competition, and she was eliminated after some episodes. After that, she wanted to start a career in dancing, so she participated in the dance show Dancing with Stars. Then she became interested in music, so she went to X-Factor auditions and started her own YouTube channel. She started to post more of her music videos, gaining more subscribers and views in a short period. One of her music videos, All I Need, has reached more than 6.3 million views. Then Jordyn started to make Podcasts named What They don’t tell you.  

Who is Jordan Beau?  

Jordan Beau is a famous American YouTube star, comedian, and social media personality born in Encinitas, California, the United States of America, on November 24, 1998. Jordan’s parents’ names and occupations are unknown, but he has one sibling named Jeremy Beau. He owns a YouTube channel with more than 65 million views and 3 million subscribers. He will use to post more videos on his channel and also, and he has more fan followers on other social media platforms also.   

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