What are the Best Automation Testing Courses?

Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.

  • Brian W. Kernighan

You can think of various pros and cons while using any product. A company would always strive to address all the possible issues before their product reaches the customer. When we talk specifically about software, this process of testing the application and finding errors or bugs in them, and ensuring that its functionality is as per customer needs is called software testing. An important part of the software development life cycle, software testing reduces the development costs, improves the overall performance, and makes the application bug-free.

Software testing is usually classified into two types – manual testing and automation testing. As the name suggests, manual testing involves a tester checking all the functionalities of software manually while automation testing involves the use of automation tools to perform the required tests. Automation testing is particularly suited in organizations that follow DevOps practices. The DevOps methodology emphasizes increased collaboration between the development and operations team. Further, it promotes automation of the processes involved in software development.

If you are aspiring to learn more about software testing, the first step you can
take is to enroll in an automation testing course. In this article, we have listed
some of the most reliable automation courses available in the market.
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Automation Courses to Learn from Experts

Training Provider – Intellipaat
Description –
Intellipaat’s automation courses help professionals build up their base and
make them confident enough to apply their automation knowledge in the
correct direction. It prepares them to understand how various industries use
this technology to make informed decisions which helps them grow and target
the right customer base. If you want to learn Automation from its core then
there is no better way than to start your journey with these courses. The two
flagship automation courses that are being provided are – RPA Certification
Master’s Course and RPA Training Certification Course – Robotic Process
Automation Training for UiPath.
Top features:
o 48 hrs. self-paced videos
o 24 x 7 Lifetime Support & Access
o Flexible Schedule
o Certification and Job Assistance
Course Duration 120 hrs. Instructor-led training (including both flagship

If you are aspiring to learn more about software testing, the first step you can take is to enroll in an automation testing course. In this article, we have listed some of the most reliable automation testing courses available in the market.

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Automation Test Engineer Master’s Program

Training Provider – Simplilearn

Description –

This course is ideal for professionals who want to gain hands-on experience in using tools like Git, Selenium, Jenkins, and JMeter. You’ll learn how to apply engineering to software development processes and building quality products using these tools. The course begins with the core computer science concepts and moves on to developing an end-to-end application and testing it with exciting features. The content is structured to ensure industrial relevance with a unique blended learning approach to make individuals ready as an automation test engineer.

Top features:

  • 360 hours of applied learning
  • 15+ in-demand tools and skills
  • 1 industry-aligned capstone project
  • 14 lesson-end & 4 phase-end hands-on projects
  • Get noticed by top companies through Simplilearn’s JobAssist Program

Course Duration – 12 months (5 to 10 hours per week)

Software Testing and Automation Specialization

Training provider – The University of Minnesota on Coursera

Description –

This comprehensive program helps you develop skills in software testing using various tools and techniques. You will learn how to distinguish between verification and validation and describe the key differences between them. The course makes you familiar with writing automated functional tests for both front-end and back-end code and measure the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing. Some of the top skills covered are black-box testing techniques, testing automation, unit testing, writing defect reports, and testing theory.

Top features:

  • The Specialization covers 4 in-depth courses
  • Includes hands-on projects
  • Practice quizzes
  • Graded assignments with peer feedback
  • Sharable specialization and course certificates

Course Duration – 4 months (5 hours per week)

Software Testing and Verification MicroMaster’s Program

Training Provider – The University of Maryland on EdX

Description –

This MicroMasters program is designed to let individuals gain essential skills about software testing concepts and techniques and delve into several software test cases and how they are documented. Ideal for software testers, quality assurance engineers, and developers, this program teaches you how to plan, execute, and manage software testing along with software quality techniques for formal verification.

Top features:

  • Includes 3 graduate-level courses
  • Instruction from top faculty at the University System of Maryland (USMx)
  • Includes assignments to reinforce your learning
  • Learn at your own convenience

Course Duration – 6 months (8 to 10 hours per week)

Become a Test Automation Engineer

Training Provider – LinkedIn Learning

Description –

This program is a must-try if you want to discover the fundamentals of test automation, master Selenium testing tools, and frameworks, and explore how to use Python for automating your tasks. The program includes 13 hours of in-depth content that can help you speed up the pace of software delivery and improve the quality. Some of the important topics covered in the program are – integrating automated testing into DevOps workflow, using Selenium to test web applications, and automating software testing with scripting.

Top features:

  • Trainers are industry experts
  • Start with a one-month free trial
  • The syllabus divided into 5 detailed courses
  • Earn a badge of completion

Course Duration – Complete 13 hours of learning modules at your own pace.

Selenium WebDriver with Java – Novice to Ninja + Interview

Training Provider – Udemy

Description –

Get a detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks along with Selenium WebDriver with this top-rated course on Udemy. You will learn to build management using Maven, behavior-driven testing using Cucumber, and skills to automate any web application. The program also covers implementing continuous integration testing using Jenkins, performing cross-browser testing using Selenium Grid, and running performance tests with Selenium WebDriver Automation.

Top Features:

  • Full-time access to course material
  • 13 articles
  • 347 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion

Course Duration – 43.5 hours of on-demand video (divided into 56 sections)

You can get further details by visiting the official website of the above training providers. Check the syllabus, skills covered, some testimonials, and the instructor profile. Then, select the one that best suits your needs. An automation testing course is definitely worth your time and effort. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and take your automation testing career to the next level.  

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