What Are The Best Features Of The Most Popular Online Games?

The online games market is growing daily, increasing more than 20% between 2019 and 2020 to $21.1 billion. Analysts predict that the online gaming audience will continue to rise over the next two years, surpassing 1.3 billion in 2025. But what are the most popular online games on the market, and why have they accumulated such an audience? 

Online Slot Games

Without a doubt, casino games take up a large percentage of the online gaming market’s popularity. In particular, online slot games are a fan favorite, and this can be explained by the design tactics used by the software developers creating these games. People play slots online for fun because the games have unique themes like underwater and wildlife themes that immerse players in new worlds. 

Some developers even offer classic slot games with a twist, such as Inspired Gaming, and it is these themes that help the slots category stand out in the sea of online casino games available to play. Likewise, Red Tiger is a famous software developer known for creating slots that excel in visual performance. 


Wordle was released to the public in 2021 by developer Josh Wardle and the web-based word game has taken the world by storm ever since. In 2022, the New York Times purchased the game, keeping it free for players. Here’s how the game works: every day, a new five-letter word is selected, and players must guess it correctly in six attempts. If players get a letter right, a green tile appears; if they’re close, a yellow tile appears. But if they’re incorrect, a grey tile appears.

While it may sound easy, playing Wordle requires brain power, which is one reason it has remained so popular. In a world where we’re constantly vegging through our screens, it’s nice to have a modern form of entertainment that stimulates the mind. 


In 2019, Fortnite had over 250 million players, and this figure has only gone up. While there are many reasons why Fortnite is popular, such as its gameplay, one of the most undeniable factors is that the game is free. Usually, games of this caliber have some fee attached, especially as they get more popular, and this turns gamers away. But despite its growth, Fortnite has remained free to play — and people have taken advantage of this fact.

Not to mention, Fortnite is available on a range of devices, so players can choose where they play. Interestingly, this flexibility is one of the reasons online casino games and Wordle are popular, too: people can play on the bus, in the living room, or while they wait in the doctor’s office. 

There are so many games to choose from in the digital environment today, but select games consistently generate the most attention from consumers. Luckily, emerging game developers can look at these games and pinpoint a few of the similarities that these games have. For instance, the best games are the ones that people can play on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, such as online slot games and Fortnite. Making sure games have immersive themes will also increase popularity. 

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