What are the chances of Eren’s survival in Attack on Titan? Details of the episodes explored!

Attack on Titan has taken viewers on many emotional roller coasters. Our hero, Eren Yeager, goes on a fantastic but ultimately terrible adventure, and the more we learn, the bleaker it all becomes. And, of course, it all begins with Eren losing his parents to Titan assaults, a frequent occurrence on this planet. He also loses many close friends and family members during the narrative. The manga’s last chapters have been made available, and they don’t bode well for Eren. So, did Eren ultimately perish in Attack on Titan? And what will happen to the rest of the Titans and the show if he dies?

What happens to Eren at the end of “Attack on Titan”?

In the conclusion of the show, Eren sacrifices himself. As we’ve been following his mission to revenge his parents and see the world beyond the walls from the start, this may be hard for viewers to accept. Also, it is unusual for mangakas or manga creators to eliminate their protagonists. It’s bad enough that he died, but how he died is horrific. Nonetheless, the series concludes in such a manner that his death serves as an integral part of the series’ overall climax. As the manga ends, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and their other warriors are engaged in combat with Eren and the ultimate source of matter. After waiting a while, Mikasa can enter the mouth of Eren’s Titan form, where his true body is revealed, and decapitate him. Although Eren has previously avoided death, and Titans can swiftly repair themselves and even regenerate complete limbs, it isn’t enough this time.

What takes place following Eren’s death?

The end of the Titans comes with Eren’s death. If you’ve seen the show, you know that the Titans are descended from a race of humans called the Subjects of Ymir. As she died, her spirit was divided into several parts that would eventually become the many varieties of Titans; she gained the ability to turn into one from the source of all matter, also known as the shining centipede. After Eren dies, the universe’s substance disappears, and the Titans revert to their human selves. In short, this spells the end of the Titan race and the Attack on Titan series.

Mikasa takes Eren’s head to Armin so they may both grieve for their buddy. Eren is buried beneath a tree on Paradis Island, where he napped as a youngster in the manga’s last pages. His fellow troops and friends visit him, and Mikasa confesses she misses seeing him. However, it should be remembered that Eren would have eventually perished anyway. Since the Curse of Ymir states that none of her descendants can live longer than she did, all members of the Titan species are doomed to die 13 years after they come into their powers. You may still catch up on Attack on Titan by subscribing to the show on Hulu, even if the show has ended.

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