What Are the Common Causes of Wrist Fractures

A broken wrist is a common injury. For instance, one out of eight fractured bone diagnoses is a fractured wrist. This type of injury is painful and will hinder your ability to work or carry out everyday tasks such as writing, working, and driving. If you have broken any of your bones, you should immediately get medical attention. If you delay medical treatment, the bones may fail to heal in alignment and this may reduce the grip strength and range of motion. Everyone has a risk of getting this type of injury, but children and older people are more susceptible because of the softness of their bones.

Common Causes

People can break their bones by falling on an extended arm. Falls mostly occur in public places such as restaurants, swimming pools, offices, and schools. People may fall because of wet floors, poor lighting in rooms, carpets that are not properly secured, polished floors, lack of railings, and clutter.

Car Accidents
A car accident can be a reason to get an injury, it can be caused by the airbag slamming into the hand, locking joints while bracing against the steering wheel, or by objects flying inside the car. If you or a loved one gets injured in an accident, you should reach out to a lawyer who will help you get the compensation to cater for the damages including the medical costs.

Sports Injuries
Many athletes get different injuries from contact sports or games where they accidentally fall onto outstretched hands like snowboarding and in-line skating. Athletes also get severe injuries from hard falls, wrong maneuvers, and overuse of the hands. The repetitive motion will eventually tire the muscles and strain the bones.

Defective products
Defective products cause many deaths and injuries such as broken bones. Defective products can be categorized into three types; design defects where substandard materials have been used, manufacturing defects where the manufacturing process creates a different product from the intended design, and inadequate warnings.

Cycling/pedestrian collisions
A cyclist or pedestrian can sustain an injury if they land roughly or try to catch themselves with an outstretched hand after being hit by a car.

Workplace incidents
Workers and employees can get injuries from hazardous areas in the premises where slip and fall accidents are likely to occur. Such areas include defective stairways, unmaintained and old elevators, and escalators, wet bathrooms, and worn flooring. Some business premises may also have unsafe handrails, cracked pavements, and slippery corridors.

Signs of Fractures
The most noticeable signs of broken bones are pain and swelling. Other signs include tenderness, stiffness, bruising, numbness, inability to move fingers or thumb, and a bent wrist or deformity. The hand may appear deformed if a bone has been knocked out of place. If the bone is exposed or pushed through the skin, the injured person should seek immediate surgical intervention. It is not advisable to try to treat a fracture at home because it can result in weakness, deformity, infection, or permanent inability to use the hand. Treatment of broken bones may include non-surgical treatment options and surgical treatment options.

Worth of the Settlement
The settlement value of a fractured wrist injury is determined after the medical records and bills have been reviewed. The value of the settlement may vary depending on the type of fracture, the severity of the injury, the treatment, and the chances of the condition being permanent. In this type of settlement, damages such as the wages lost, the pain and suffering, medical bills, and loss of normal life can be obtained. However, the chances of getting a settlement may be diminished if the plaintiff had a pre-existing medical condition that contributed to the injury or was negligent.

If you or a loved one suffered this type of injury from negligent drivers or property owners who failed to remove hazards, talk to an attorney today to get the fracture settlement you need. There are knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who have handled complicated settlement cases. If you have suffered hand injuries from accidents or slip and fall incidents, reach out to a personal injury lawyer. They will help you get a substantial settlement to cover the losses so you can focus on recovering.

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