What are the types of Solar Panels and which is the best for residential solar?

If you live in a large house, own a large industry, or simply need cheap electricity, then solar panels are ideal. It is an affordable and constant power supply that works by converting the sun’s powerful energy into current.

The best solar panels differ in the material from which they are made and in the production technology. These factors form the price for such modules. So, panels are divided into two groups:

  • silicon;
  • film.

In turn, silicon ones include:

  • polycrystalline;
  • monocrystalline;
  • amorphous.

Films are divided into:

  • thin-film;
  • polymer;

The most popular among consumers are silicon-based best solar panels. This substance is quite cheap, and therefore, the price of such panels is low. But the performance is higher than that of other types of panels.

Monocrystalline panels

The silicone cells that are combined with one another are monocrystalline solar panels. There is a special method, which allows you to extract the purest possible silicon without impurities for their production.

The already prepared single crystal must solidify before it can be divided into flat pieces with a thickness of only 250 µm. A grid consisting of metal electrodes is superimposed on these plates. This method is more expensive than the production of amorphous or polycrystalline. But the efficiency factor of this type of panel exceeds twenty percent.

Polycrystalline panels

In order to obtain a polycrystal, specialists melt silicon and slowly cool it. The price of this method is lower due to the low consumption of electricity. But there is a significant flaw; their efficiency is in the range from 12 to 18 percent, which is significantly different from monocrystalline solar panels. The efficiency of the panel is diminished by the interior areas with grainy edges.

Hybrid solar panels

With the development of progress, the efficiency of solar cells is growing steadily, but still does not exceed twenty percent. The reason for this is only a partial use of the radiation that passes through them. Experts do not stop trying to find the best option.

They presented hybrid solar cells as one of the proposed solutions. They use heat and light radiation at the same time.

Such panels are made by combining a polymer in a film form and a solar cell. Hybrid solar panels are suitable for use in monochrome displays and LED luminaires.

How to choose the right solar panel?

For a confident choice, contact a specialist who will help you choose an option for your specific situation.

If your space is not large and you need maximum energy, then look for monocrystalline panels with the highest wattage. If your budget is limited, and the installation is planned on the ground, then think over all the possibilities in advance. Choose the best solar panels for your residential solar as it is one of the best investment you can make.

For example, relatively cheap thin-film solar panels require additional spending on cable, support structures, and so on. You can choose polycrystalline solar panels – the price is lower, the reliability is higher. And monocrystalline panels, as mentioned, are expensive than the other two because of the extraction process but their efficiency and durability is higher. So, the choice is upto you!

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