What caused De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker to break up? YouTubers surprise followers with new channels

YouTube has grown from its 2005 debut to the current monthly user base of over 1 billion people. You may have heard of YouTube stars like PewDiePie, James Charles, MRBeast, and others who have achieved massive success because of the site. Some YouTubers prefer to work alone, while others like collaborating with people in romantic or friendly relationships. De’arra and Ken are a couple who have found success on the video streaming platform. And this is what their YouTube channel looks like.

The YouTubers: De’arra Taylor And Ken Walker

Video bloggers De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker have amassed a large following on the video-sharing platform. Together, they made videos on their channel, DK4L. In 2014, De’arra and Ken were the first to introduce their audience to their YouTube channel. They now have more than 6 million members. The De’arra and Ken profile on DK4L states, “Yes, it’s us, #DK4L your favourite pair.” illustrative of the ideal state of interpersonal connections. On this channel, we take on a wide variety of fan-suggested challenges, in addition to pranks, Q&A sessions, and story times.

Did De’arra And Ken Break Up?

De’arra and Ken announced their split and subsequent creation of individual YouTube accounts on August 20, 2021, through their joint channel. There was a montage of clips from the couples’ films throughout the years, indicating that this would be the last upload to their channel. It’s been a long road, gang. Thank you guys for all the love and support during these few years, and now all the love and support you will offer us as we develop our respective platforms here on YouTube, the pair said in the video’s comments. Until the end of time, I will be eternally grateful to you all. When asked whether the two individuals are “beefing,” De’arra said, “No, we aren’t propping. Ken and I don’t have any love, no bad blood. We’re okay.”

However, it looked unlikely they would work together again regarding guest-starring on each other’s YouTube channels. There was a video posted by a couple in which they assured their subscribers that this was “not the end” and urged them not to “worry,” but it’s not clear whether the breakup was permanent or if one of them had just opted to start a solo channel on the video platform. De’arra and Ken, who launched their YouTube channel when they were 18 and 19, could be seeking a new direction.

Their New Channels on Youtube 

As of June 2021, De’arra established a new channel on YouTube under the name De’arra Taylor. In August, Ken created his channel named “Who is Ken?” Ken has almost 67k followers on his YouTube channel, whereas De’arra has almost 182k on her YouTube Channel. On August 20, she posted on Twitter, “I already have my first video recorded and edited so y’all know what to do!” She is thinking whether to price it at $200,000 or higher. It would seem that De’arra’s followers may look forward to more material from her very soon!

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